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Ally asks:
I have really thick hair just below my shoulders. A while ago I had it thinned and it made it frizzy and I preferred it the way it was. Can you suggest anything I can do to thin my hair out without it frizzing?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
You can try few things, one would be to ''chop it'' into this would cut it in a more un-even way which would prevented from frizzing, try to avoid thinning scissors or razors as they could make the problem worst as thinning up ends would make the hair unprotected un with tendency of become ''fluffier'' with humidity. Try all ways right shampoo and conditioner (J.F. Lazartigue moisturazing range) and also a good styling aid as J.F.Lazartigue straightening gel even if your hair could be straight it would help to keep humidity away from your hair and of course for now do not forget your straightening irons.

laura asks:
I have purple hair at the moment but I am getting married next August. I was blonde when I met my fiancÚ about 4 years ago. It was a home dye blonde Garnier colour 1.10 I think. Anyway about 2 years ago I dyed my hair red with a swartzkopf live colour, then 12 months ago I dyed it purple again with a swartzkopf live colour - cyber purple. I would really like to be back blonde for the wedding without ruining my hair which is quite long and in good condition - surprisingly! Can I do this without stripping my hair, as one hairdresser advised this but I do not like the idea. Can I not go brown 1st then gradually go lighter? Please help!

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
It seems you have had quite a combination of colour on your hair in recent years and without seeing you and doing a strand and skin test I would want to recommend that you visit a good salon in your area for a colour consultation and be advised by the colour expert. If you try colouring at home you could have a disaster which might damage your hair prior to your wedding. Good Luck

Kim asks:
I have a little bit of dandruff and my hair long too. I use Palmolive for my hair and wash it every second day maybe sometimes everyday is that good or bad. Please recommend anything which you think is good.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
If your scalp is flaking so much and so regularly, perhaps it might be a good idea to visit a Trichologist. They can help diagnose the condition of your scalp and the best way to treat it. You can find them in your yellow pages or search in our directory for the nearest consultant. Your doctor might be able to help also. ...More >

Prior to that you could however look at a few things like
a) changing your shampoo. Perhaps your hair has become conditioned to the shampoo you are currently using. Try a good quality dandruff shampoo.
b) scalp treatment for dry skin. Some of your chemist stock none greasy product that you can use on your scalp to help reduce or calm this problem.
c) Drink a lot more water, when your skin is drying in any particular area it could be due to hydration. d) try your health shop for natural products for skin, hair and nails. They might also do some good natural shampoo that may suit you better. You could be reacting to some of the chemicals in the commercial shampoos.
e) try not to wash your hair so often, especially if you are not using a gentle shampoo designed for everyday use.

One or more of the above combination should help you to resolves your situation in the medium term.

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