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Sophie asks:
My hair is naturally a very dark brown, almost black shade. I have been getting highlights for years, usually caramel coloured but after a while the colour starts to look very dead-a mousy colour which does not suit my complexion. I get bored with it and end up putting in a medium brown semi myself to get back to my natural colour. Recently, I have had copper highlights done which I really like but know that eventually I will start to feel I do not look like me anymore and will go back to the dark brown. The problem is that the highlights add a touch of glamour but I always end up feeling it looks too false. I have damaged my hair in the past trying to get to a lighter shade that will suit me, I do not understand how some brunettes can get to a lovely shade of blonde but I always stop short of it, either because it dries my hair out or I do not have the patience to wait until I get the colour I want. Should I just stop messing about with my hair and accept that I will always look better! As close to my natural colour as possible? The dark brown is very striking on me, but I am not the classic brown eyed brunette-I have bluey-green eyes and although I have a sallow, tanned look I do get some freckles. I worry that when it is really dark it might look too drastic?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
It seems you are in a bit of a quandary about your hair. I think it is great that you quite like your natural colour but variety is the spice of life! I think that when you visit any salon you should have a consultation and be very happy with what the stylist is suggesting to you. If not then ask what the alternatives are. All of our stylists have extensive training on finding your requirements and then recommending a style and colour to meet all your needs. Two options you have are: Have a semi permanent colour through your hair that will not lighten your hair but it will add warmth and change the tone. There is a vast range of semi permanent colours to suit all needs and the great thing is that they last approx 20 shampoos so you will not have the feeling that your hair looks false. It will also give your hair fantastic shine and feels and looks in better condition. You could also have some subtle highlights weaved throughout your hair so you gain more interest and glamour through your hair without the feeling of your hair looking false. Once you have got used to the colour you can always have more colour put through.

Beckie asks:
I have red / ginger hair and have been highlighting it blonde since I was 14. But now I actually want to go darker but hairdressers say it would be difficult because of my hair colour? Is this true and what can I do?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I think you should take the advice of the hairdresser you have visited as without seeing the condition of your hair it is hard to advise. A good hairdresser will do a strand and skin test to check that your hair is suitable for colouring. Make use of their expertise.

Tej asks:
My hair is curly, thick, long, prone to split ends because I straighten it so much and it is unbearably frizzy. I am looking for a style that will minimise the thickness and work for both curly and straight hair that requires little effort to work well. I like the length of my hair (just above my butt) but I am prepared to chop it off to just below shoulder length if need be. My face is small and quite round which none of the models these days seem to have- I want something that suits me, please help!

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Geometric or square layers work best, both should be over directed back to retain extra length at front. Have it cut to just above shoulders and get your stylist to take 1 inch sections, and sharply chop hair in at roots and midlengths of your hair. How much will depend on the suitability and thickness of your hair. This will make the hair more interesting with a randomness and structure to your cut which will work both curly and straight.

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