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Emma asks:
I have a strong natural kink at the front of my hair which forces it into a centre parting and won't hold a fringe or any other parting. Hairdressers have tried everything but the centre parting just makes my very flat, fine hair look even more lifeless. What are my options?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
The fringe needs to be cut deep enough to weigh down the kink. You can also try putting a little pre style spray at roots then put point nozzle of dryer directly on to roots only. Blast with heat while holding fringe tightly with fingers or a thermo bristle brush. This will flatten root out completely. Or, if suitable for your face shape you could wear your hair back off your face, this would simply solve the problem.

Ruby asks:
I have waist length brown hair but I have wanted it ash blonde for ages. I have tried going to a salon to have it highlighted many times but it still is not that pale blonde that I want. I have been told that I should not have an all over bleach because my hair is so long it will get severely damaged, I have thought about getting blonde extensions or weaves put in but I do not know much about them. Please help me get that long Rapunzel blonde hair that I so want.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It would seem as though your issue is one of colour and not length or volume. I would recommend going to a salon that specialises in colouring long hair. They will be a bit more expensive, but it will be worth it because they will be able to deliver what you want without damaging your hair. Not all salons specialise in this so ask to see some evidence of their work. Hair extensions can help to give you highlights, but they would also add volume. This could render your hair too thick and unmanageable. There is also the added risk that if they are not removed properly, you could end up with hair loss which, in turn could thin out your hair. I would seek a consultation with a specialist first of all.

Sita asks:
My hair is long, 2-3inches below my shoulders and its a very classy look. I have a side parting and a fringe that is just under my eye. I want to go for a cut, which sticks to the length but something different from the front. What would look good?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It sounds as though you have good quality hair that you take good pride in. I would suggest you go to a reputable salon that has a technician that specialises in cutting. They will be able to take into account your face shape, current cut and what you want to achieve in order to advise you of the best style and manageability. ...More >

Have a search thorough directory and see if you can find a reputable salon near you.

Hope you continue to look classy.

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