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Kendra asks:
My toddler girl has curly hair only in the back the rest is straight. I love it but how do you think this happened and how can I keep it this way? Do you think I did it by accident somehow by laying on her back while asleep or is it how I dry it or just her hair!

AsgarAnswered By:
Most toddlersí hair will change as they get older. You will find later on in life, their hair will go curly all over or the curls will drop out and their hair will be straight all over. You certainly didnít do this by accident; this is a natural thing that happens.

Bertie asks:
I am a lady with longish hair that I have no idea what to do with. It is thinning on top and gets greasy easily but frizzy from about halfway and gets very tangled (I donít overwork it; I only use heat about once a fortnight). Normally it goes in a bun for work as I donít have time but you can see my scalp when I put it back. I would love a style that is low maintenance and doesnít bring attention to how thin it is.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
There are two pieces of advice I would offer. First is style wise I would suggest a variation of the classic bob. This is a low maintenance style and makes thinner hair appear thicker as well. Something else worth considering is a Keratin treatment, this will help with the frizziness and make your hair feel thicker and in better condition.

Ashley asks:
I have a double crown that peaks up and I just hate it! My hair is usually quite dry so I put leave in conditioner, serum or some spray on it to calm it down. Itís naturally wavy so I always leave it to dry naturally usually putting a twist in it to enhance curls I recently tried the sock doughnut overnight thing, the curls turned out lovely but my double crown was really noticeable - how can I curl my hair without heat or too much product that will keep my double crown flat?! Help!

AsgarAnswered By:
Longer hair will often help mask this problem as it will weigh the hair down. No matter what the length of your hair the alternative solution is inserting Velcro rollers to achieve your desired curl. Section the hair from the top of the crown into 20 sections depending on how thick the hair is in various directions and roll inwards towards the face. Start rolling from the top to the bottom of the hair to achieve a smooth finish. The hair that you are rolling should be as wide as the Velcro roller that you are inserting. After 1 or 2 hours in the hair, smooth out the hair with a paddle brush and although you didnít want to use too much product, gels and smoothing serums can help add weight to the hair and make them lie in the desired direction.

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