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Helen asks:
I am reconsidering my colour, I have very pale skin in winter and choose not to wear lots of fake tan to keep my complexion looking warmer. I just think my hair colour is to harsh against my skin tone and I am not sure what to do. I like to keep to the seasons fashions and wondered if you have any advice. My hair is long and thick.

Thanks Helen.

Royston BlytheAnswered By:
Royston Blythe
Hi Helen

Great to hear from you. In many instances dramatic change is not required, it sounds like you just need a delicate transition into this new season. Your hair should always be one of your key style statements, after all it is one of the very first things that people notice about you. Hair colour for this season doesnít need to make a big statement, the beauty of Autumn Winter 14 hair colour is to ensure it is polished and sophisticated and we achieve this by blending, smudging and merging varying tones. This will work well for you as your stylist should be able to add a variety of tones that will compliment your cooler skin tones. Our clients that are interested in fashion are moving towards diffused pastel shades, angelic mauve pinks and light pastel hues. Natural, off duty long hair is still huge and guaranteeing front page headlines for some of the worlds most beautiful women including Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Jessica Bile....the list goes on! There is so much inspiration for hairdressers with the Ombre look. Infact these looks would be an absolute must, the beautiful hues involved will add that essential movement and create texture making long hair even more powerful. The key to beautiful ombre colouring is to keep softer, cooler blends of 3 to 4 tones that make colour travel subtly through the hair.

Amanda Davies asks:
Hi, I naturally have dark brown hair and earlier this year I had the bottom half highlighted blonde (for the ombre effect). Iíve now decided I want all of my hair highlighted in the same colour as the ombre section, is this a possible thing?

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
There are so many clients that now have the Ombre colour that are now looking for a bit of change, your in luck as you have a couple of options. 1. You could even out your colour to go generally lighter by colouring with conventional highlights and Glaze over the hair to even out the tone. 2. You can also scatter highlights through the top sections to even out slightly but to keep a slight ombre/Balayage effect. At this time of year clients are all looking to richen up their ombre to incorporate more Carmel toffee hues ready for the cold winter evenings.

kindestc asks:
My son has a oval or heart shaped face (cant tell which) long thick hair that natural grew into like a bowl cut almost. We are trying to find a good haircut to start school in. He is going to be in first grade. He wants to keep his hair long, but I dont want his hair to look shaggy or girlish like it does now. Can ya help?"

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Hi there.
Absolutely!! You are looking for , whatís called a "surfer dude" look.
Itís a longer graduated layer cut for boys hair . With thick hair this is a perfect solution.
Ask the stylist to chop (sometimes itís refered to as thining or slicing into the hair when the layerís are cut. This will give you nd him the individual look required and avoid the shaggy girly look ! ...More >

Hope this helps!

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