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Enas asks:
My daughter is 13 years old, she has frizzy thick hair and yet fine thin hair at the forehead (around her face) which gives a bad impression. How can I manage to smooth her hair particularly around hair her face and make it straight and soft?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Try having a fringe, either sweeping, or cut with a razor to make ends move, so you can keep it longer, middle to tip of the nose length, or try a fuller fringe with weight to keep the frizz down. The ends of the fringe should be point cut. Nozzle dry at the root area, try a serum to tame, smooth and not tangle.

Victoria asks:
I have dyed black hair, but over the last few months I have let it grow through and it has faded to a very dark brown colour. I have now bleached my hair twice and it is currently a light ginger colour, I would like it to go a few shades lighter but my hair is quite damaged and I do not think it will take a third or more bleaching. I have purchased Aussie 3minute miracle reconstructing conditioner to help build my hair up over the next few weeks, do you think this will help replenish my hair and will it then survive the final bleaching or will it make no difference at all and the damage would be the same as if I had not bothered with the conditioner?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
You sound really miserable about your hair at the moment. This is natural especially if you had a visual image of how you wanted it to turn out. I recommend you find a salon that specialises in colouring. Make an appointment and go and see them. They will be able to give you professional advice and correct your hair. Do not attempt to do anything else yourself or allow anyone who is not professionally trained to deal with your hair if you want to put it back on track. Using a good conditioner is good, it will not cause any more damage, but it will help to stabilise and enrich your hair.

Brittney asks:
I hate my hair. I have brown thick hair with some body. Its almost shoulder. It has some layers at the bottom. It was cut really short and was shaved in the back before but I let it grow out. It is now less thick than it used to be but I still hate it. I have an oval shape face and want a short hair cut. I do not want it shaved and do not like old or really curly styles.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Ask your stylist to add some texture to your hair by using a razor or some texturising scissors or thinning scissors. This will give your hair a trendy, funky style & take away some of the bulky, thickness. I think you will love it!

Katie Dale

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