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Michelle asks:
Since I was 13 I have been colouring my natural dark brown hair blonde, but recently it has started to go a horrible yellow tone at the roots, so I am thinking about colouring it a medium brown with some golden highlights do you think this would scare me to much and make me hate it when it is done. I cannot keep the blonde no longer as I am 26 now with 2 children and it is getting hard work to look after it.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
My advice would be to go to a good salon and have your hair coloured professionally. All hair has yellow tone in it and this is exposed when you lighten your hair. A good salon will use an ash tone to subdue the yellow tone through your hair. As for highlights, again the result will depend on how many different colours you have running through your hair from roots to ends.
The best option would be to go and have a consultation with a good salon they will advise you what will look great and be easy to maintain. Being 26 and having two children, you need to still give sometime to yourself and your hair! Treat yourself and have a fantastic service in a good salon!

Sonia asks:
I have naturally curly hair and it is quite thick and really frizzy. To control it I end up using a lot of gel and other product which makes it look greasy. Do you know any natural remedies that control frizz? Also I need to get my hair cut and want it to look a bit stylish. Right now it is medium length and I want it short probably shoulder length. Should I get it layered or feathered? My face is quite small so I do not want my hair to be too big and have a lot of volume. I need it to be more manageable.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I think when you have your hair cut you should have it cut slightly longer than you really want it as it will spring up. Also curly hair always sits better when it is layered, so layers are a big yes. Shaping around your face will stop it looking so triangular. With products I would recommend a Lazartigue product called straightening gel for curly hair. This would be good because it does not make your hair feel crunchy also it will help you with the frizzyness. I would recommend that you let your hair dry naturally so it does not get frizzy from drying. Once your hair is dry try using a bit of serum that will also help with frizzyness.

Rachel M asks:
I have very thick, curly hair; I do not have any problem getting volume into it except at the roots, where my hair stays flat resulting in a triangular shape. I have tried everything, please help! Also, any different hairstyles I could try that would be quick to sort out on a morning?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I think you need to have your hair cut with lots more layers this will stop the triangular shape from happening. Also it will allow the hair to spring up so then you will get more root lift. This should help you to style it in the morning, it should be a lot quicker and easier.

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