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Beth asks:
I got some extensions put in (cornrows and stitched) now there is a definite line between where my hair ends and the extensions, they are lighter than my own hair. Will a cut help or can I colour the extensions?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It would seem that your technician did not colour match your hair correctly. This would result in the hair extension becoming noticeable. With regards to visually seeing where your hair ends because of a visible line, this is also due to your technician not blending the ends of your hair properly. When you have a blunt cut at the ends of your own hair, it is important that the ends are thinned to reduce that visible line. This does not mean that your hair has to be chopped into or much length taken of. Just some thinning scissors on the ends should be enough.

Mrs Miller asks:
I have medium length thick brown hair, which I dye every two weeks as my roots are grey, will it be possible for me to have copper highlights to blend in the grey on top of my coloured hair?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Almost anything is possible! Yes you could certainly have some highlights through your hair but I would advise you to let the experts look after you! When we do roots to cover white, at the same time we would apply some foils with different colour through your hair. This means that you are not colouring the same hair over and over again. The result of us doing this is that you have great conditioned, shiny, coloured hair that looks very natural with highlights. It also means that you can relax and enjoy the experience! You deserve it!

Chelsea asks:
I have very fine shoulder length hair! And I mean fine!! Recently > dyed blonde, from my natural mousey brown! I cannot do anything with it, it just lays flat and if in a ponytail, it is the skinniest thing ever! I often get woven-in hair extensions, just so I can have long, thick, natural blond looking hair. Is there anything at all I can do to make it thicker? Not just by using a special shampoo for temporary appeared thickness etc! I am sure my extensions, which I have only been getting for 6 months, have not helped, but my hair has ALWAYS been this fine or am I just blessed with the genes. In the next couple of weeks, I will be dying my hair black and cut into a style. Please help.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
What is your diet like? You can ensure your hair is in optimum health by eating your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day plus omega oils are great for hair, skin and nails. When you have your hair cut, do not be tempted to go for layers, keep it in a simple one-length style which creates weight and the illusion of thickness. Extensions are the ideal choice for thickness and if they are applied correctly by a trained stylist there really is not any reason they should damage your hair. Racoon offer two types of extensions - bonded and wefts. The bonded extensions will last up to 4 months and the hairdresser will be able add just a few partial extensions to give volume. The Racoon Micro Wefts are the latest launch and last up to 4 weeks. Again, the stylist can just add a few wefts to thicken the hair. With the wefts you can re-use them so they are very economical. With any extensions it is important that you use the right aftercare and maintain them carefully.

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