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Tara asks:
I am mixed race (black & white) and have fine hair which is naturally wavy but I straighten for ease of maintenance every 1-5 months. My hair has always had good growth patterns until about 2-5 years ago, when it suddenly seemed to stop growing. I have split ends and always have but now I am afraid to cut them off for fear that my hair will never grow back and I will be stuck with even shorter hair. It is already short (shoulder length) as it is. The odd thing as well is that it seems to grow slightly at the front, but never at the back. I was worried the contraceptive pill may have had some effect as it seemed to coincide with me starting to use it. Any ideas what I can do or what the cause is? I am desperate for some help. It is getting me very depressed.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
It may be that your hair is breaking off at the ends, giving the appearance of no hair growth. May I suggest giving your hair a rest from the straightening all together and giving your hair regular conditioning treatments. Have the ends trimmed off as well as this will strengthen your hair.

Sophia asks:
Recently I have been having a major problem with split ends and dry brittle hair. I cut the split ends off then I get more in the next week. I used to use my straighteners once every day or two days especially at the front of my hair (as it always stuck out the wrong way) where I have a side fringe as I am trying to grow it out. My hair is really thin at the front where I straightened it a lot and I get an incredible amount of split ends there. How can I stop getting loads of split ends? I quit using my hair straighteners a fortnight ago. Also, I like the idea of having curly hair I do not want to curl my hair everyday in case it makes it worse. How does perming your hair work and how long will it last?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
A good idea to stop using the straighteners, especially as curls are now fashionable. I suggest giving your hair a rest from any kind of hot styling tools and concentrate on conditioning your hair. It would not be a good idea to perm your hair at this time, as the straighteners will have compromised the elasticity and porosity of your hair and it will not take a good perm. Get yourself a good treatment hair masque and once your hair feels better and has stopped breaking you could purchase some waving or curling irons. However do not use these everyday as you will have the same problem as before.

Helen asks:
My natural hair colour is dark blonde and tend to be quite dull so I had highlights put in. The highlights were ok for about 2 years but I got bored of getting the same thing done all the time. I decided to dye my hair brown and go for a complete change. I liked the colour and it made my hair look so much healthier and shiny. However, now after 8 months I want it back blonde and my hairdresser has told me that the only way I could do that is by gradually lightening my colour each time which will take ages, or just letting the colour grow out, which I do not want to do either. My mum, my boyfriend and all my friends have all agreed that I looked better before and I just do not want to wait ages to get my own colour back! Do you have any advice on how to lighten my hair more quickly?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I really think that you should take the advice of your hairdresser. They are the experts and if they suggest either growing out the colour or gradually lightening this is what you should do. If you take matters into your own hands and say use a home bleach you could end up with your hair breaking. Be patient, your hair grows about 6inches in a year so its not too long to wait....

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