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Debbie asks:
Ive been dying my own hair dark brown/ almost black for 6 years. My natural colour is a dark ginger. I recently went to my local hairdressers hoping to go a few shades lighter.

The hairdresser carried out a strand test, she cut a small section of hair away and said she would let me know the results later that day. She then txt me that night to say my hair had reacted with the product they use causing allot of heat off the bowel and the hair to break up. She said she could not risk stripping or dying my hair.

What are my options then? Ive been using home box dyes for years.

Im desperate to get rid of the black.

Tracey DevineAnswered By:
Tracey Devine
Hi Debbie,

It sounds like you are going to have a tough time, you will get there in the end. You donít mention the condition of your hair, this is the key element in how your hair is going to react. It could be that your hair was having a reaction with an individual product that the chosen stylist was using rather than this is how it going to react again. I would really recommend that you leave this to the professionals, you need to do things in very gradual stages, there are many different products that salons can now use with amazing effects but you must be patient and be prepared to work towards the result you are hoping for. In the mean time get your hair into really good condition and strengthen it on the inside, a good conditioning treatment is important and making sure that you eat the hair superfoods such as avocado, eggs, salmon and walnuts.

Olivia asks:
Could you please give me some advice on choosing the right hair extensions. I have shoulder length hair and it is quite thin and flat, I would really like to be able to have it curly and make it look thicker all of the time and have only ever tried using clip in hair extensions. I am not sure if I should get longer lasting extensions put in and am worried that I wont be able to look after them properly and they will look a mess. How easy will it be for me to blow dry extensions that are attached and will it cost a lot to keep them up?

Steven GoldsworthyAnswered By:
Steven Goldsworthy
The most important advice here is go to a HABIA accredited salon with professional certified trained extensionists - you need a detailed consultation to decide a system that would be suitable for your hair and lifestyle. With fine flat hair you should go for flatter bonded extensions which will blend perfectly with your natural hair. Balmain Hairís SystŤme Volume comes in 2 strengths fine and normal , it wonít overburden your hair and will add as much volume as you desire. Electrical appliances can be used for easy blow drying or adding curl and texture. At your consultation make sure you ask everything you want to know including aftercare to ensure your new hair stays in tip- top condition.

Karen asks:
Iím 51, and heavy set. My hair is shoulder length, and kept in a ponytail most of the time. Itís all one length, has some greying, fine, w/dandruff, and oily scalp. I donít take very good care of it. When I wash it, I use a dandruff shampoo, and then Infusium (sp) shampoo for fine/oily hair. I donít use a conditioner, thinking that it adds to the greasiness. I have a wedding coming up next month where I will be standing in the line, and for pictures. I need help on what I can do, so that I donít look like I do every day. PLEASE HELP!

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Thanks for your email, all the symptoms you are describing are very common and things we see in the salon on an every day basis. In fact i myself am a victim of fine hair with oily roots so i more than appreciate how difficult this hairtype can be to manage particularly when the weather is not great outside. ...More >

The best advice i can give, is to go to the top salon in your area and have consultation with the best stylist. Consultations are usually free of charge and you can pick their brains as to what colour and style they think will suit your hair and skin tone.

Without seeing your hair i can offer some general advice that will work for most people with the hair problems you mentioned. Firstly, I would suggest having a gloss colour. A gloss colour is a quasi permanent colour which will give a translucent coverage to your grey hair, making them less obvious and adding to the rest of your hair body and shine. The benefit of this type of colour over a permanent tint is the up keep, permanent tint covers grey hair better but it sounds to me that you are a low maintenance kind of girl and getting a gloss done will densify the hair without giving a definite regrowth as it fades so you can have it done when you have special things coming up, such as weddings.

My second tip would be to have a fringe, this doesnít mean having a school girl style there are many different types of fringe, one for almost every hairtype and face shape in fact. A long side fringe will add softness when you are wearing the hair up in a ponytail everyday and will slim the face when you wear your hair down on a night out.

My best tip for solving every day greasiness is to let the shampoo do the work, dont massage or vigourously scrub the scalp as you are encouraging more sebum. I recommend kerastase bain clarifant as an excellent detox shampoo to be used alongside your anti-dandruff products. You are right not to use conditioner on the roots as the natural sebum will be keeping that area healthy but then this doesnt tend to travel to the ends. Using a light conditioner like kerstase ciment anti usure will make sure the hair is detangled and easier to comb.

For styles on the wedding day i would look to the red carpet, jennifer anniston and sandra bullock are great examples of how fine shoulder length hair can be glamourous and full of life. i recommend getting a professional blowdry on the morning of the wedding as well, your stylist should have all the products and tools needed to give a photo finish look that lasts the whole day.

I hope this helps and if you are in the North West come in and see us and I can go through what shape and styles i think would work specifically for you.

Kind Regards


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