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Pippa asks:
Hiya, I have had hair extensions for around 3 months now and many of them have fallen out. I have noticed that my real hair appears a lot thinner than it was before the hair extensions were applied. My real hair is extremely fine now. The weakened bonds in my hair often come out in my brush along with my real hair. I'm really scared that my real hair won't grow back. Will it grow back eventually? Should I just have them all taken out again? Please help me.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Pippa - Your real hair will grow back, but go back to the salon and ask them why the extensions are coming out, if done properly they should have stayed in if you feel you have had enough of them take them out and go for a new look.

Jason Kearns

Jenny asks:
I loved doing hair up-do, but couldn't find a good hair spray that will hold well yet. Do you have any recommendation please.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Yes definitely! There is nothing worse than spending all that time perfecting your hair only to see it fall out of place within minutes! Try my Hold Tight Hairspray suitable for all hair types and any length of hair. It provides long lasting hold without the stiffness, so spray away to your heartís content! Alternatively, give my new Flick Tease Styling Spray a whirl! (75ml £3.99 exclusive to Boots) It gives an extra dry and extra invisible hold. Perfect for flicking, spiking and texturising, this super tough hairspray is also super soft and brushes out, without a trace of stickiness. Just the trick for keeping those hair-ups in place! My Shine Head Spray Shine is the perfect finishing touch-spray all over your hair after styling and youíll dazzle like a true gem! Lee Stafford

Louise asks:
I have had my hair tested by several different hair salons for a perm but each one has said no as my hair has highlights through the top. Finding a salon that does perms for treated hair is becoming a nightmare as the salons testing my hair have not used the specialist perms. Help! next?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
There does not seem to be the same amount of perms on the market as there was 10 years ago ie for Highlighted hair etc. I have to say that if hairdressers have tested your hair and advised you not to have it permed, I would go along with that. I know it isn't the news you wanted but you also need to think of the condition of your hair.

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