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Sarah asks:
I have had my hair coloured a lot specially since I started training as a hairdresser, but recently my hair in breaking off due to straightening and colouring, I have been growing my hair as I want it long but now I do not know if it is just best to get it cut short and get rid of all the dead ends. Or whether there is something else I can do?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Over colouring and excessive use of straightening irons can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful. What you need to do is cut out all the damage and breakage, to a style that you are happy with and begin a regime to keep your hair looking fantastic - after all as a member of staff you are an advert of the salon! Stop over colouring and have one of the colour technicians use a more gentle colourant on your hair to bring back the shine, begin regular treatments that contain Nano Technology (like Goldwell Colourglow IQ) then stop using straightening irons every day. When hair begins to break there is nothing you can do except cut is shorter. If you need to use an iron regularly then use one that has a proper temperature control so you can turn it down. You will be surprised that you do not need 230 degrees to straighten hair. Get it cut and coloured asap and begin to treat your hair with TCL.

Michelle asks:
I am 42, on HRT tablets and suffer with Rosacea so have very sensitive skin and scalp. I have mousey brown hair styled in a bob and it is greasy. I tend to use a multi-lights kit to add a bit of colour but the last time I used it I left it in too long and some of the colour is yellow which I do not like. How can I get rid of this colouring? Is there a mild type of dye I can use which will not irritate my skin or scalp?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
You obviously colour your hair at home and unfortunately things can go wrong. It is very hard to diagnose this via e-mail, but I will try. Most colours in the shops contain quite strong chemicals and may well irritate your scalp - they can also be misleading as some will say shampoo in which suggested that it is mild and will automatically shampoo out NOT THE CASE. You need to tone the Yellow by using a toner to neutralize it but this will be difficult as it must be a violet based colour and you will not be able to choose the right one in the shops. My sound advice is to do the following. Go to a professional salon as a client or a model evening and have them correct it for you. Salons will normally have three types of colours - Permanent - Demi-colours (more gentle on the hair and scalp) and Semi-Permanent colours (these create beautiful tones but do wash out within 3 weeks). Get the salon to do a Skin Test on all the colouring products to see if you react before having any service. You can up keep your main colour at home with the guidance of the salon but if you want any Highlights please do this in the salon not at home. Good luck

Amna asks:
I am 16 years old and i found 2 grey hairs on my head and since my hair is black it is really noticeable. I pulled one of them out and I was told that double the amount of grey hairs will now grow back is this true? Why am I getting grey hairs so young can I stop it somehow. I thought I was too young!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I do believe that it is an OLD WIFES TALE that you get two more grey hairs when you pull one out. Obviously it is quite a shock at your age to be noticing grey hair, yet TWO is nothing to worry about. If I were you I would carry on carefully removing the ODD grey hair that appears. Unfortunately you cannot stop them and I would not recommend colouring all your hair for the TWO grey hairs showing. ...More >

If you do start to notice more grey hair coming through then shampoos with small amounts of staining colour in them are great for disguising grey hair. So too are coloured mousses. Your hair can change colour at any time as our bodies and complexed indeed. One example: my aunt was white grey all her life and during the sixties see had what looked like bleached hair Very Vogue at the time as you can imagine, yet when she turned 60 her hair started to naturally go brown.

Colour pigment in you hair and you skin can change but I do not believe at this moment you have any need to be unduly concerned.

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