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Karen asks:
I have naturally blonde hair but I've been coloring it blonder over the years I want a white blonde but I don't know what colour to ask for at salons! A friend advised me to buy silver shampoo, but will it really work?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Karen - My advice would be so seek advice from a good salon and colorist, do not try doing anything on your own as it might backfire on you in the end.

Tatiana asks:
: I had mixed spiral curls growing up but I would straighten it maybe every other month just so itís a longer length and manageable but I realized my hair is not the same Iíd straighten it but I became very proud of my curls. Only problem then was because of previous damage and a dye used at the beginning of this year my curls were all different sizes shapes and flat at the top. I used something that was supposed to curl it more but I used it the wrong way and I accidentally made my hair straight. Now my hair is straight strands, breaking, dry and brittle and my natural curls are no longer. So basically in the past year Iíve had relaxer and dye and my hair is horrible. Is there anything I can do or use to help reverse the accidental straightening and dryness and breaking and restore my natural curly hair and make it defined, full and moisturized?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Tatiana - It sounds like you have over processed your hair I think what you need to do, by what youíre saying, is to get it cut and save the ends of your hair, and keep doing it till all the dye and relaxer has been cut out of your hair. Then you curl will come back, so there is hope for it.

Rachel asks:
I have very long frizzy-curly hair. It is neither curly nor straight so I have to style it which is really drying it out. Mousses and products used to curl it make it like straw and straightening splits the ends and this is really thinning my hair out. I need to know the best products to use as deep conditioning products leave my hair feeling greasy and flat but without it is frizzy!

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It seems to me that you have to spend a lot of time and tremendous effort in styling your hair. You say your hair has a tendency to frizz and neither goes curly or straight. I am convinced that your hair length and cut is totally wrong for your hair. With the right cut, you should be able to wear your hair curly or straight with ease, and not have to fight with it like you do. I would find yourself a great hairdresser that understands your type of hair and get the cut right. Then you will have to re-assess the styling products after your new cut, as styling will be far easier and less stressful. You will still use curling, anti-frizzing products but will not have to use half the amount that you have been using to create a great finish on your hair. Treatments and conditioning products will not flatten your hair as before. So get your cut sorted out and the products will follow.

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