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Beth asks:
I have medium brown hair and I really want to dye my hair a white blonde. I have a very pale skin tone and I have been told it would not look at odds with my skin. I already have had my hair bleached six months ago to go a red colour because I had black hair at the time. It has faded to a medium brownish red now but I have my heart set on going a lot lighter as I am miserable with my hair it always look boring and messy as it is such a non-colour. I have friends who have dyed their hair this colour willing to help me, one of whom is a professional, but I would like to know what will happen with the bleach underneath my hair, what products will I need ie. I have seen lightening kits for before you dye your hair blonde but is that a pre-lightener or is there another product needed, what ones are good to use and how should I do it, ie, put the lightener on and then could I dye it blonde straightaway or wait a week or something? There's just no information around for me to find on how to do this.

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
Pre-lighteners are bleaches and so by applying one to your already bleached hair, the condition might deteriorate. Bleaching over already bleached locks is not recommended and should only be done by a qualified colour technician. As your hair was so dark before, it will be harder to lighten it as the change of colour is so extreme. I would recommend that you visit your colourist, booking in for a consultation to carry out a stand test allowing you see the after results and hair condition. This will prevent disappointment and allow you to ensure you are happy with the outcome. The most crucial tip for lightening hair is to do regular deep conditioning treatments to nourish and moisturize your hair from any damage caused by colouring.

Shauna asks:
I have long thin hair, what type of style will make my hair look thicker?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Something without layers (or even maybe graduated). Do not leave it too long as this will make the hair look thinner. Use good body build products.

Beth asks:
I got some extensions put in (cornrows and stitched) now there is a definite line between where my hair ends and the extensions, they are lighter than my own hair. Will a cut help or can I colour the extensions?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
It would seem that your technician did not colour match your hair correctly. This would result in the hair extension becoming noticeable. With regards to visually seeing where your hair ends because of a visible line, this is also due to your technician not blending the ends of your hair properly. When you have a blunt cut at the ends of your own hair, it is important that the ends are thinned to reduce that visible line. This does not mean that your hair has to be chopped into or much length taken of. Just some thinning scissors on the ends should be enough.

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