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Ros asks:
I have naturally wavy/curly hair, for a while now I have been wearing it straight. I have thick hair and have had it thinned quite a bit and layered quite a bit too, my layers are different lengths. I think the blading technique was used so the layers are very varied, some are very short. Since having this style I've noticed that my curls have more or less gone. I would love to have my curly hair back, what do I need to do? Do I need to just grow the hair out again? I have tried scrunch drying it using curling products but its not like it used to be.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The blading technique can increase or reduce curl depending on how it is applied while cutting the hair. If you are experiencing the natural curl you have been less apparent, then I would suggest having some layers put back in using scissors. This will thicken up the ends of your hair much more and strengthen the internal shape of your hair cut. ...More >

This should promote an easier curl result.

Also do not scrunch your hair from wet through.

After washing towel dry your hair to about 60% dry if you can. Excessive water in your hair will only weigh down your hair while drying reducing the curl result. After towel drying apply Professional Techni art Curl up memory about the size of a fifty pence piece in your hand and gradually apply it to your hair. Before diffusing take sections and twist them around your fingers until you have completed all the hair on your head. Then apply heat from the hairdryer with the diffuser and your curl will be fabulous.

Rachel asks:
I have a halter neck dress what style do you think I should wear my hair is past my shoulders all up or front up and sides and the back left down.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
If you want to expose your back, as I imagine you would having chosen the dress, I would go for drama and sweep the hair up and away to really define the design. You could leave a few pieces down for softness around the face.

Tim asks:
I am a 16 year old male, I usually have a pretty short cut, grade 3 on the sides and trimmed on top to suit, I usually use gel which does the job I guess. However, as of late I have been letting my hair grow because I fancy a change. The thing is after about an inch length on the sides my hairs gone really curly. At the top of the ears it doesn’t grow over them it just curls back upwards in little ringlets and it is the same with the back. On top its just a mess. I can straighten the fringe which looks better, but the sides and back refuse to straighten properly which just flare out at a right angle above my ears. My hair is very resilient and I have tried a number of products. Which does not give a good look, and mousse just seems to make it even curlier. Any ideas? Should I let it grow? At the moment when I pull down my sides come just above the bottom of my ears, on top is about 8cm and my sideburns are non-existent as they curl upwards in line with the bottom of my ears. I want to find out what it will be like once grown past the curls up at the ear stage or maybe you could give me an idea? Or should I go back to a grade 3 on the sides. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
My hair is also very curly, so I sympathise with your situation. To be honest, you will have to grow your hair longer so that the weight of the hair pulls it a little more straight. In the meantime I would suggest using ceramic straightening irons to smooth out your hair, as it sounds like it is long enough to achieve this. As far as products are concerned, there really is no product that you can apply that will straighten your hair without styling first, but there are chemical straightening processes worth enquiring about which will help relax the curl in your hair. Failing all this, it is back to the short back and sides!

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