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Karen asks:
I have long hair and a side fridge. I recently dyed my hair brown I use to have blonde highlights but I needed a complete change after having my baby I have no time to think of hair cuts and colours. I was thinking whether to go shorter or not. I need help!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
After a baby is born you have little time for yourself. It could be a great confidence booster providing everything is right. Face shape, hair texture and density as well as lifestyle are all important when making a decision over your hair. ...More >

Firstly, I would think about going for something that is low maintenance yet still very fashionable like a bob/graduated bob.
These styles will always look well kept with little effort as they are structured haircuts that fall into place. Providing you do not have curl or natural wave in your hair these could be two good options.

However if you do have natural wave or curl then time spent blow drying would be essential.

If this seems too much of a change, then you could always go for some long soft layers introduced into your hair cut, either with scissors or preferably a razor. This would give your hair a soft light layering technique that would reduce drying time but give you a new soft layered hairstyle. This would still allow you the added luxury of being able to tie it back for ease when the babies feeding time comes along.

Karen asks:
I have naturally blonde hair but I've been coloring it blonder over the years I want a white blonde but I don't know what colour to ask for at salons! A friend advised me to buy silver shampoo, but will it really work?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Karen - My advice would be so seek advice from a good salon and colorist, do not try doing anything on your own as it might backfire on you in the end.

Tatiana asks:
: I had mixed spiral curls growing up but I would straighten it maybe every other month just so itís a longer length and manageable but I realized my hair is not the same Iíd straighten it but I became very proud of my curls. Only problem then was because of previous damage and a dye used at the beginning of this year my curls were all different sizes shapes and flat at the top. I used something that was supposed to curl it more but I used it the wrong way and I accidentally made my hair straight. Now my hair is straight strands, breaking, dry and brittle and my natural curls are no longer. So basically in the past year Iíve had relaxer and dye and my hair is horrible. Is there anything I can do or use to help reverse the accidental straightening and dryness and breaking and restore my natural curly hair and make it defined, full and moisturized?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Tatiana - It sounds like you have over processed your hair I think what you need to do, by what youíre saying, is to get it cut and save the ends of your hair, and keep doing it till all the dye and relaxer has been cut out of your hair. Then you curl will come back, so there is hope for it.

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