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Mariana asks:
I have an oval face but with narrow bones and forehead. For a couple of month I have suffered a lot of hair loss. Can you tell me, how I should cut my hair (it is natural brown, is straight, a little curvy when its humid, the texture is rather thin) without being too short (boyish) nor too long?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Take a look on the Style Gallery there are lots of Styles to choose from and you can always print a few off and take them along to the Salon.

Try to look at styles that have a soft wave or movement in them as this will work with your natural hair movement and add volume to your hairstyle. From your description I think styles that have these features would suit you best.

Christine asks:
I have shoulder length hair which is medium blonde towards the middle and ends, with dark blonde roots. I'm thinking about having highlights in, but will I have to have a colour put on first to cover the roots?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I would think yes....get the ends filled and then colour and then do the highlights.........but get some of those ends cut first.

Abbey asks:
I wear my hair up constantly in the same style because nothing else suits me. I no that it is causing me long term damage but what can I do?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Of course there are styles that will suit you - if your hair looks okay up, then it can look amazing if its cut well and to suit your hair and shaped face. You obviously have not found the right hairdresser to instill you with confidence to go for a total change. Take a look on the Style Gallery print a few off and take them along to the Salon. Then find a great hairdresser to discuss this with - find someone who will spend time working it out with you.

Donít be scarred - go for it.

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