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Georgina asks:
I have always been proud of my glossy dark hair, follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, since July 2007 the condition of my hair has changed and I am unable to use conditioner and am having to use baby shampoo. I am also unable to use hair serum, staightening spray because my hair takes on a greasy appearance even though I know ití s just been washed AND it wonít "dry" with the hairdryer. After months of wondering what the problem is Ií m wondering IF it IS the fertility drug Clomifene which I had TO take FROM April last year FOR 3 months ? ON a lighter note I have just discovered I am 2 months pregnant but have noticed that I am starting TO get a dry patch near the front OF my hair WHERE the parting IS although IF I USE anything other than baby shampoo the rest IS lank AND greasy ! ! ! ! Can you help me TO RESTORE my hair TO normality please - ANY advice would be appreciated.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It sounds to me that it is a combination of hormones and side effects from the drugs of last year. If the body is unbalanced, the hair and scalp are the first place it shows - sometimes with dramatic effect. I would take a supplement to assist in this - I would strongly suggest you balance your body with a daily drink of Aloe Vera by Forever Living. There are 2 strengths and you should take the stronger one. This is a totally natural product without and drugs - so can be taken when pregnant. I also think you should have fantastic haircut to make yourself feel good. Take the Aloe Vera for at least 3 months then go on to the weaker drink - you will feel great and see a difference.

Andrea asks:
My sister has very thin hair you can see her scalp through it, she is very upset by this is there any style she could have to make it look thicker.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Firstly, there are hair thickening products on the market which will make here hair noticeably healthier and thicker. If your Sisterís hair is fine I would not go for a all one length style as it will lay flat to her head. Have a look at the style gallery for images of hairstyles she likes and take them along to your professional hair salon for a consultation. Any style with layers will add volume yet be cautious as if the layers are too short it can have the opposite effect.

Clare asks:
I have always wanted wavy hair but my hair will not hold a curl. I have recently heard that there are new types of perms that can be more wavy than curly. Is this true. I have VERY straight hair. Also a year ago I had a baby, how long should I wait to perm my hair for the first time and can I still do it if I am growing my hair.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Firstly you should be fine for having a perming process after the birth of your baby (congrats)!

The wave or curl result is mostly down to the method used in creating the curl. Rollers, of varying sizes. Pin curl or barrel curl techniques can also be used. Some people however have very straight especially fine hair can be difficult to perm, also once done the results can not last as long as expected. I still think introducing some curl movement with a perm into you hair would benefit you hugely in even helping to hold your style. Visit your professional salon and have a consultation. They may even want to do a strand test to see how the result from this treatment came out.

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