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Ann-Marie asks:
I contacted you a few months back about my hair breaking. Someone recommended using a hot oil treatment. But other people have told me this will damage my hair further. Can you please advice whether it will help my hair or damage it further?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hot oil treatments will not damage your hair, but by the sounds of it they will not fix it either. When your hair is breaking it can be due to many things: Mechanical damage brushing, electrical appliances and poor condition including diet can all affect your hair. ...More >

Your hair needs protein and moisture that is balanced to give best results. Visit a good professional salon near where you live for a full consultation.

They will be able to prescribe for you a range of treatments and professional home hair care that will help keep your hair in good condition. A professional needs to actually see your hair and speak with you to get to the root of the problem and prescribe the required course of treatment.

Look after your locks and do not take any chances.

Good luck

Kaci asks:
It has been rare in my 40 years, to find someone who can cut my hair correctly. Only twice as a matter of fact, I have very curly, coarse hair that is coloured. I try to describe "cascading curls" with blunt layers that are longer at the crown. Point cut but not sliding or texturizing. Still, I can't find anyone to cut it right. I like to have a proper angle around my face with more like a layer than a layer than a layer. No one will do this. They say it will look funny. Please help describe a style that will work for both curly and straight. At this point, with several haircuts to "fix" the problem, my hair has ended up shoulder length. It will be grown out!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I think if you drop the words cascading curls it might help. I do understand why you donít want any texturizing, you hair has enough texture in it as it is. You might want to find a cutter that cuts dry first you just need to find one and I think your problem would be solved.

Samantha asks:
My hair is curly - but it tends to be more wavy underneath and the top layers seem to be more wavy. I like straightening my hair sometimes, but it always looks weird! I see all these girls who straighten their hair and it looks perfect and mine just looks frizzy. I also want to cut my hair and want something with bangs, suggestions?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Something like the FHI irons and a flat iron spray. before using them will help keep your hair straight. Regarding your haircut itís tough to say without seeing your hair but if you do go for a fringe/bangs make sure you do not have it cut too short as this will be more difficult to keep straight with your hair being curly. Also try to keep the layers longer so the weight helps keep your hair smooth and straight.

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