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Alyssa asks:
I am 17 I would just like to ask one question. I use to have brown hair but I got bored of it so I dyed it black, now I love the colour and it really suits me. The only problem is I dyed it and like 2 weeks later my colour faded and my roots showed horribly, so I redyed my hair, the same thing happened again. I just wanted to know if there was a certain kind of dye I would have to use to make the colour completely permanent, because I would love to stay black haired and not have to constantly dye and kill my hair. Is there a way I can dye my hair permanently.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Permanent colour will fade. To get the best results from your colour you need to look after the condition with good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments. Ask your stylist about the L’Oreal Professional range of shampoo and conditioners for colour treated hair. Providing you only have your roots re-touched each time and refresh the tone that has faded though out the mid-lengths and ends your hair would stay in good condition. As we get to the summer months the sun will also increase colour fade unless you protect it. Visit a good professional salon for colour and hair care advice on Professional home shampoo and treatments to protect your investment in your hair colour.

Dimple asks:
I have thick slightly wavy black (South Asian Type) waist long hair. My hair tends to get frizzy and so I decided to iron it out. I have the ConAir Iron, I used it with Biosilk iron oil. It straightened out pretty well, but when I washed it out my hair looks worse than before I used the iron. Appears very brittle, dry and frizzy. Does Ironing cause this? I have been using Henna on my hair for almost 8 years now. Applying it twice a year. I was thinking is there any way to stop using it and move to hair colouring without causing funny discolorations on the hair.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
First of all waist long hair is too long - you might want to take off about a foot and a half. That will help with the condition, your ConAir Iron won’t hurt your hair; not cutting it will. As for colour ...Henna can be drying, but DO NOT put colour over Henna.

Rebecca asks:
I have had allergic to hair dyes after dying my hair black for about 4 years. Now I can only use wash-in dyes which will dye my roots and not touch the rest of my hair. It’s now multi-coloured and I hate it. Is there anything a salon would be able to do? A more natural dye that will both take and last more than a few washes?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
If you have had a reaction to permanent colour it is essential to use non reactive colours on your hair and scalp. The only other alternative is to have woven highlights or low lights which will permanently colour your hair but keep the chemical away from your scalp.

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