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Louise asks:
I am a hairdresser but have been working very little to look after my children. I have been highlighting a friend’s hair with bleach which is fine. She has lots and very light but she now would like a few copper ones too. I am not totally sure what I should use as I know that bleached hair picks up colour.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The simple answer is if there are strands of hair within the hairstyle that are still natural try concentrating on selecting these as your target and your colour result would be great. ...More >

Yet if your friends highlights are almost a full head colour it is trickier.

Any colour you apply would be lighter/brighter due to the underlying tone.

I would recommend adding some natural base to you chosen colour to help prevent the brightening effect/ or you could pre-pigment the strands selected for highlighting, before going over with your selected shade. This will add pigment into the highlighted hair to prevent colour bounce or over brightness.

Neeko asks:
I am a 16 year old, I know that hair grows about 3 centimeters a month. The bad thing is that I only have about 3 inch long hair. I plan on getting dreadlocks and I have been told that I would at least need 6 inches of hair to make the dreadlocks otherwise it would look absurd. I am really not a waiting type of person, I can wait months but years are too long. Is there anything that can speed up my hair growth rate?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Why is your hair so short, do you cut it regularly?

If you hair is naturally that short at the age of 16, then you might have a deficiency. Try Holland and Barrett’s or boots and ask them for supplements that might help your hair grow. ...More >

However there are two approaches you can take with regards to having dreadlock, a) You can start growing them from scratch. You can do this by having your hair twisted with a holding wax and letting it grow. Each time it grows out you twist the roots again and lock it with special hair wax. This way you can start growing your own natural locks.

b) If you have hair extensions put in, then you would have to wait for your hair to be at least 6 inches so that they can stay in.
Which ever way you decide to go, remember to keep your hair conditioned. One thing to note is that when you want them removed you would have to cut your hair to the root and start growing it again from scratch.

Catherine asks:
I have been having my hair coloured at my hairdressers for several years- I have auburn hair and to add some vibrancy she uses Marirouge 7.64. It was getting quite expensive to visit the hairdressers every few weeks to get my roots done but I decided to buy the same product from a hairdressing warehouse and do it myself. Where my hair has grown the colour has turned out very copper while the rest of my hair is a darker tone. This has happened once at the hairdressers and she put a dark blonde on it to tone it down. Please can you tell me what I can put on it to tone the colour down please?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
This is a difficult one - as I cannot recommend a specific colour for your problem without seeing your hair and the vibrancy of the colour difference. If I take a guess - it could well be the wrong suggestion - The last thing I want to do is add to your problem. I suggest you get it sorted at your hairdressers, and then change the root colour by adding a natural tone (dark blonde) in with the 7.64 to prevent the roots from being too red/copper.

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