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Joanna asks:
My husband streaked my hair and I love the colour and the amount of streaks he put in, but he used a cap and somehow I have zig zags at the roots. Please can you advice how to correct this problem.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Once it's done it's done.

I think from your description the zig zag effect is probably down to the technique of pulling hair through the cap. ...More >

I have seen this first hand myself.

Always pull hair from directly underneath the hole in the cap that you are selecting. Never push hook around underneath cap searching for hair.

If you follow this routine it will help the problem you are having at the moment. When someone searches for hair underneath the cap, hair from different parts of the head will come through the hole and give you longer re-growth appearance in places that looks like a zig zag effect.


Pam asks:
I noticed that my stylist uses Framesi permanent hair color on my hair, so I am planning on ordering some on Ebay so I can do my own root touch-up between visits. My question is what kind of volume of peroxide should I use. My hair is dyed with a #3N as that is closest to my natural color but a tad darker and nicer? Also what is the ratio of hair color to peroxide, and how long do you leave the product on for?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Don't do it.

Colouring your own hair is never as easy as you think. The reason we are professional hairdressers is because we have spent years of training to be able to do OUR jobs correctly. ...More >

Although the fraise root touch up makes the application sound simple it is NOT.

Many things come into the equation like overlapping, depth of hair, peroxide selection, development time and heat application.

Keep your hair looking and feeling fantastic and stick with your stylist.

Jason asks:
My hair always lays completely flat and it's very boring. I really like the wavy hair look on guys and would really like my hair to do that. Is there anyway, without a perm or anything, to add some kind of wave to my hair for a better look? Thanks!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Depending on the length of your hair you could use straightening irons to add some textured curl into you hair. Then apply some matt cream for finishing. Do not be too particular over your sectioning or curl technique as the more random the technique the more natural the result. Good luck

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