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Jeanette asks:
I have long (to my shoulder blades) layered hair and am getting married next April 2009. The problem I'm having is how do I wear my hair on my big day. I'll be 44 and this is my first time married. We are having a traditional civil wedding in a hotel. I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb if you know what I mean.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
A good cut and colour will allow you to wear your hair down. You could have a smooth blow dry with volume and swoop one side up with a fabulous sparkly hair slide. I think whatever you do the hair needs to look effortless, like you haven’t tried too hard. Go for a soft image. Have a trial with your hairdresser and bring as many pictures of hair styles that you like to give the stylist as much info as possible. Good luck!

Jackie asks:
I have a round fat face and am getting married in June and want something special in black curly hair that will last.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Congratulation’s on your forthcoming wedding. Face shape and the hair style you choose are going to be very important. Click on ‘What about my face shape’ for more information and general advice. ...More >

If you are looking for hair extensions that stay curly, there are many different curly effects available to choose from. However a word of advice, curly hair can be quite challenging and requires special attention especially the curlier it is. If you are going on a honeymoon to a hot country, I would advise you have something that is more wavy then curly or even removable.

Curly pony tails that you can add to your hair for a dramatic effect and remove it after you have finished. They can be purchased as half head attachment or to be pulled around your ponytail once you have scraped back your own hair.

The advantage of these attachments is that you can take them off and put them on at will. They are often produced as synthetic and not with natural hair.

Louise asks:
I am a hairdresser but have been working very little to look after my children. I have been highlighting a friend’s hair with bleach which is fine. She has lots and very light but she now would like a few copper ones too. I am not totally sure what I should use as I know that bleached hair picks up colour.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The simple answer is if there are strands of hair within the hairstyle that are still natural try concentrating on selecting these as your target and your colour result would be great. ...More >

Yet if your friends highlights are almost a full head colour it is trickier.

Any colour you apply would be lighter/brighter due to the underlying tone.

I would recommend adding some natural base to you chosen colour to help prevent the brightening effect/ or you could pre-pigment the strands selected for highlighting, before going over with your selected shade. This will add pigment into the highlighted hair to prevent colour bounce or over brightness.

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