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Suzanne asks:
I am a natural blonde until I stated to mess around with colouring my hair nothing dark, just different shades of blonde. Iím trying to grow my colour out, but why is it coming through dark and not my natural blonde any more. What can I do? Age 47.

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
Our hair seems to go darker as we get older but then of course we go grey so it starts to lighten again, but I feel the reason you are experiencing this, is because you see your natural hair color next to a lighter blonde so it appears darker to you, also keep in mind that when your hair is natural it gets the sun light on it exposing natural sun-lightened highlights. I would recommend that you cut off the old colour as soon as you can so that you only see your natural hair and as it gets exposed to the sunlight I am sure your hair will be back to natural.

Mazz asks:
Iím 12 and I have a really round big face with long brown hair, but I am thinking about cutting it shorter, I was wondering if you had any styles that might suit me. I also have freckles, and lots of them! I also go to a school where I have to have my hair up unless itís impossible to tie it back, and we canít dye our hair.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
If you have a round face as you describe - its best for you to take the length to 4 or 5 inches below your shoulders - to give the illusion of length to your face. But you need lots of layers around the front and through the cut to give is body and texture - I also think you should have a side dropped-fringe, this gives a great shape and looks fab when you have to wear it up during the day.

Franki asks:
My natural hair colour is medium brown I have not long had my hair dyed to dark brown, however I really want to try something different and want to try and go blonde I did have light blonde hair when I was younger. I wear clip in hair extensions but am finding it hard to go blonde and getting matching hair extensions as my Sister in Law is a hairdresser and thinks it would be too harsh on my hair as I will need it bleached however she did try and make a suggestion as to slowly building up the colour with blonde highlights but Iím finding it hard to find a colour 4 extensions with some SB highlights can you help me.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Your Sister in Law seems to have the right idea in respect of going blonde - you cannot lift tint with tint. So if you try to change your hair colour from the base colour dark brown to blonde I think you may find it will go yellow or orange. ...More >

I certainly would go for highlights but instead of blonde maybe go for a more chic look with caramel and honey tones.

If you are wanting certain shade of blonde then I would advise that you visit a professional salon that specialises in hair extensions - that way you can choose your exact colour blonde and they wonít damage your hair. Using hair extensions will give you a soft highlighted look and the other plus of course is that you will have added volume and length too. A good salon will give you a full consultation with no obligation to book in for them.

Make sure you find a good specialist in this field.

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