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Karren asks:
I have coarse thick hair which I have to straighten daily with GHDs. My hair is perfectly straight and smooth when just finished after drying and styling then I get up the next day and have to start over as my hair is wavy and unmanageable again. I use decent serum a Charles Worthington relax and unwind lotion and Elvive smoothing shampoo and conditioner on my long pob style. Where am I going wrong?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
I think that you should invest in a silk pillowcase, as these are fantastic at keeping hair straight whilst you sleep. This is because cotton pillowcases are rougher in texture and so can therefore snag hair whilst you sleep where as hair will simply glide across a silk one! You should always remember to protect your hair if you are using straighteners as you dont want your hair to dry out even more as this will leave it unmanageable. You could also try just blasting your hair with a hairdryer when you get up to kick it back into shape! Use a paddle brush to guide the hair and then angle the hairdryer downwards. This works especially well on fringes and small kinks and means that you are causing less harm to the hair than you would with straighteners.

Joanne asks:
I have a round chubby face my hair is about top over my bra strap in length and quite thick its layered at the moment but had the same style for years I want to grow my hair because I know how I want it when it is longer but Im going on a school reunion and I want to do something different with it just not sure what colour or cut but not to short or too young Im 32 Mum at work my hair is tied up most days but when I go out I like it down hope you can give me some advice on styles.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Its a little difficult to say without seeing your hair but I would suggest maybe having some shaping around the sides to frame and soften the face.

This will make you feel like you have had a change but without losing the length so you can carry on growing your hair. ...More >

Re the colour I would strongly suggest booking a consultation first but there are many semi permanent colours available so you do not have to commit to a permanent colour.

Rachele asks:
I have long flat curly hair and Id like a change in my style, but at the same time not so sure to go for a new cut. I usually like to have it straightened or waved. I was thinking about a layered cut which volumises my hair at the top of my head. But is there any way to maintain the length and just to layered it a bit at the back? I wouldnt like to cut it much, as curly hair takes ages to grow again. Could you give some ideas?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It is possible to have long layers cut into your hair to add volume to the top without losing any of the length.

Even just a small amount off the layers will help you achieve more body, so if I were you and I would book a consultation and explain your requirements.

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