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Franki asks:
My natural hair colour is medium brown I have not long had my hair dyed to dark brown, however I really want to try something different and want to try and go blonde I did have light blonde hair when I was younger. I wear clip in hair extensions but am finding it hard to go blonde and getting matching hair extensions as my Sister in Law is a hairdresser and thinks it would be too harsh on my hair as I will need it bleached however she did try and make a suggestion as to slowly building up the colour with blonde highlights but Iím finding it hard to find a colour 4 extensions with some SB highlights can you help me.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Your Sister in Law seems to have the right idea in respect of going blonde - you cannot lift tint with tint. So if you try to change your hair colour from the base colour dark brown to blonde I think you may find it will go yellow or orange. ...More >

I certainly would go for highlights but instead of blonde maybe go for a more chic look with caramel and honey tones.

If you are wanting certain shade of blonde then I would advise that you visit a professional salon that specialises in hair extensions - that way you can choose your exact colour blonde and they wonít damage your hair. Using hair extensions will give you a soft highlighted look and the other plus of course is that you will have added volume and length too. A good salon will give you a full consultation with no obligation to book in for them.

Make sure you find a good specialist in this field.

Linda asks:
I am 55 years old and have had long hair for most of my adult life, I would now like a change and go short but nothing to drastic or too hard to look after, I have gone short a couple of times in the past, absolutely hated it, though I took photos of a style in to show them the type of style I wanted they werenít even close so I was left disheartened and disappointed thatís why Iíve taken so long to take the plunge even though I have wanted a change for sometime, could you suggest any styles for me to consider or any tips you can give me when choosing a style

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
You have been put off havenít you!! When you reach your 50ís you can still have a beautiful stylish cut that doesnít have to be short. However, your colour is probably just as important as the cut. The right cut and colour could knock off 10 years on anyone over 45, so it is an important decision and you need a really good hairdresser to work with you on this. I would certainly suggest a mid-length cut to just above the shoulders, as you would feel naked with a short cut right now. But itís so hard to suggest a cut for you without seeing you in person - suitability, face shape, and your skin and eye colour all play a part in deciding a great cut.

Yvonne asks:
I have very dry hair and have had chemical straightening done about 6 times, I use straightening irons every day, my fringe has not grown for a couple of years, I really need this to grow can you please help.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
If you have very dry hair, you need to use products that will rehyderate it everyday. I recommend you use one of the leave in conditioners such as V05 miracle mist. Spray it on every morning and before you go to bed. I also recommend you cut down on the chemical straightening treatments, if you are having six treatments within a 12 month period; this will cause too much distress to the hair follicles and compound your hair drying out even more. Try to cut it down to about one every quarter. Using straighteners everyday is not a good idea, especially if you are not using a heat protections spray or cream. Try every other day, always protect your hair before applying heat and try to use straighteners that have a gauge so you can use a cooler setting. Hair extensions could help to protect your hair if applied correctly. For instance the integrated weave would result in sections of your hair being braided away, so your hair could have a rest and then you could look after the hair extensions instead. The integrated weave helps to encourage hair growth in most instances. With regards to your hair not growing, I believe everyoneís hair grows, but because your hair is very dry and perhaps brittle, it will probably be breaking at the ends quicker than itís growing. Apart from following some of the advice above, try taking some vitamins for your hair.

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