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Samantha asks:
I have mid-length brown hair with blonde highlights and it is naturally straight, although it is slightly wavy towards the bottom, and I occasionally get split ends, I only straighten my hair at weekends to avoid as much damage as possible, but I do feel like a change in my hairstyle, I have already had a fringe, but replaced it with a side fringe, and I donít know whether or not to cut my hair fairly short because that seems to be the fashion at the moment, or if I should keep the length. I also really need some ideas on what colour to dye my hair, I currently have highlights, but I would prefer a full colour, lighter than my hair is now, my hair is light brown, but could I go for a blonde colour?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
You could go for anything Samantha! I would go for a short graduated bob first with your haircut with a really sharp fringe. That is really fashionable now and it is going to be like that for a while now! Secondly why not have a couple of different colours of blonde through as highlights, this could give you a great new look for the spring. Start by going to a salon for a consultation and skin test for your colour and then go from their. We have a great blonde bob in our style gallery, have a look!

Taz asks:
Iíve got strawberry-blonde hair but mostly blonde, Iím really bored with my hair and would like to go full blonde! A light blonde that is. I donít have enough money to go professional but I was wondering can I go proper blonde with a box? If so what box set and colour would be the best choice?

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
It really depends what level of strawberry blonde you are, if you are what I consider a level 9 strawberry blonde, then yes. you can go blonde with colour, but if you are darker than a level 9, then the problem you will encounter is pulling the red or strawberry blonde out, it might just go a lighter red tone with colour but I would assume you might like that. If you are darker than a level 9 or what I consider a level 9, a lightener (bleach) might be needed to achieve the level of light blonde you are looking for. If I was your stylist/colourist I would need to consult with you as to what tone of light blonde you are desiring, a warm golden blonde, neutral or ash blonde and if your light blonde is the same as what I consider a light blonde to be, as all these things need to be taken into consideration when deciding what the best approach is for you. Just a suggestion have you considered doing the blonde in a highlight form to give you different dimension and tones? This method is also great when your hair grows as you will not have an obvious line of demarcation that you would get with an all over colour. Take into consideration the maintenance and up keep of the colour, usually an all over colour needs to be done every 4 weeks and highlights can last longer before they get refreshed, depending on how heavy or light they are done. I would strongly recommend going to a professional because as you can see there are many different approaches and many questions to be asked in order for you to achieve your desired end result.

Milly asks:
I have been dying my hair with the same hair dye for the last year. Itís a blonde colour and some parts of my hair go blonder than others, which does look nice, as it looks like it has been highlighted. Then the other day after showering I noticed the whiter parts in my hair had gone blue! So I recently dyed my hair a darker blonde (golden blonde) and the parts which were blue are now a greyish white colour. Do you think that the shampoo or conditioner has affected my hair? Or do you think it could be the dye?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
It could be for a number of reasons for example shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc. However it seems as though when these light colours are applied over a period of time colour on top of colour it can build up an awful lot of ash, hence you may be seeing a greyish colour. All the best.

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