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Laurian asks:
I am 14 and I was my hair everyday, about a week ago when I washed it there is a sticky reside left in my hair, and it looks greasy and feels sticky and disgusting. I thought that maybe I wasnít washing my hair properly so I had my sister try and it still felt sticky, I looked on the internet and they said to try baking soda mixed with shampoo, it didnít work, someone else also said to try vinegar, again it didnít work. Now I donít know what to do, what is it and why wonít it go away. Do you know anything that might take it away?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Some times this can be caused by hard water in your area. What I would recommend is to use a professional shampoo like SP from Wella. Visit your local salon and get some advice on the correct shampoo for your hair. At first try it without conditioner as it may be that what you are using is too heavy for your hair at the moment. If your hair feels "clean" then the next time try using a light conditioner from SP. These are great shampoos and conditioners and I am sure that they will resolve your problem.

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Lucy asks:
I have fine, flyaway hair and an oval shape face. I recently had my hair cut to about jaw length. Now, it just looks like a bowl cut. What hairstyle would suit my face and is there ANYTHING I can do to encourage my hair to grow faster, or even make it look less like a bowl cut?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The good thing with your situation is that an oval face shape pretty much suits all styles.

If your hair is one length I would definitely suggest having some layers put through, as this will add body and texture to your style, and at the same time hopefully make it look less "bowl" like.

Rose asks:
I donít understand what is happening to my hair. My hair has always been baby fine and now that itís going completely grey, the hair on the crown of my head seems to be growing very dry and brittle, but the rest of it is still growing baby fine. Iíve coloured it for years at home, but now I only use John Friedaís colour glaze. Iíve used so many products that claim to moisturise and heal damage to hair, but it seems that to no avail, it still is dry and brittle. I even bought so many different kinds of hair oil, but they donít seem to reverse the dryness. Is this normal for only parts of your hair that is grey to have a different texture? Is there anything I can do, because I keep cutting at the dry hair and itís getting shorter and shorter on top. I would love to let it grow healthy and I really donít want to go completely grey. Is there any hope for me? Do colour glazes dry your hair out more?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Maybe you need to go see a colour expert and let them have a look at this, the product your using might not be helping.

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