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Kristie asks:
Please help, foe about 6 months now when I wake up in the morning and my hair is literally on ends. It looks like the bride of Frankenstein. I have a - line bob and have had this haircut for about 2 years so itís not new. My hair is very fine. What can I do, what do you think is causing it?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
It sounds like you are experiencing a build up of static in your hair during your sleep. If your bedding is nylon that can do it so you could try changing that or even try wearing a silk headscarf. You could also use a styling product that repels static which most styling products do.

Caroline M asks:
I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair. I naturally have mid brown hair and about 5 years ago I had it bleached blonde. I use to straighten my hair every day and it looked quite healthy to me. One day I went back to the hairdressers and they advised me not to bleach my hair again because it was so damaged, they then dyed it back mid brown for me. That was two years ago and although I try to look after my hair I do not straighten my hair and deep condition 2-3 times a week I still get very dry ends very quickly. Is there anything you can recommend so my ends stay soft and silky like I have just left the salon or is this just the natural hair I have?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It does sound like you may have naturally coarse/dry hair, but having said this the two tips I would recommend are, firstly make sure you have your hair cut every 6 weeks and secondly I would try Sebastian Potion 9 or Potion 9 Lite.

Both of these are leave in conditioners which are ideal for coarse/dry and coloured hair.

Laurian asks:
I am 14 and I was my hair everyday, about a week ago when I washed it there is a sticky reside left in my hair, and it looks greasy and feels sticky and disgusting. I thought that maybe I wasnít washing my hair properly so I had my sister try and it still felt sticky, I looked on the internet and they said to try baking soda mixed with shampoo, it didnít work, someone else also said to try vinegar, again it didnít work. Now I donít know what to do, what is it and why wonít it go away. Do you know anything that might take it away?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Some times this can be caused by hard water in your area. What I would recommend is to use a professional shampoo like SP from Wella. Visit your local salon and get some advice on the correct shampoo for your hair. At first try it without conditioner as it may be that what you are using is too heavy for your hair at the moment. If your hair feels "clean" then the next time try using a light conditioner from SP. These are great shampoos and conditioners and I am sure that they will resolve your problem.

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