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Jane asks:
I have got long brown hair that I wear extensions in, I really love Tamera Fosters hair and would like mine to look similar. I am a little bit scared that if I have it done at the bottom it will be bad for my hair and I would not be able to grow it out if i donít like it, my hair is lighter than hers and I am not sure if it would look as good, what does Jamie think?

Jamie StevensAnswered By:
Jamie Stevens
If you have extensions in then you shouldnít need to worry too much about growing it out as you can change your extensions to more of a honey shade or go for a ombre if youíre looking for a more subtle change. If your hair is natural then this is a big change from brown to blonde, so be prepared. This is an amazing change but comes with the up keep of your roots and maintaining the condition of your hair with regular treatments and colour protecting products

Jen asks:
I have very fine, thin hair that lays flat no matter even with spray gels, etc. And although my scalp gets oily, my hair can often look like straw. I have tried many things to give my flat, lifeless hair body, without weighing it down and drying it out. It is cut in a chin length bob. But every day is a bad hair day. I look awful.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
For fine hair like yours that lies very flat I would strongly recommend the Wella System Professional Volumize range and Perfect hair. These products are exactly what you need to hopefully help your issue with fine hair.

Lee asks:
I have very thick and curly hair. It looks gorgeous curly but the only problem is that itís incredibly thick that it looks like a mop, so I have to straighten my hair every few days and keep it that way. There really is no other way to style by hair, unless I want to scrunch it with gel or mouse however after a half hour my hair literally frizzes into the same problem I had before so there is no point. Summer is on its way and I donít know what Iím going to do when it comes to hair because Iím going to shower everyday and straightening it will damage it and the humidity will affect everything. Any suggestions?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
You could try something that has been nicknamed the 3 month blow dry, this is something called Keratin Complex Treatment.

Basically this is a treatment that adds Keratin back into the hair and is ideal for people with frizzy hair as it will cut down drying time dramatically, help calm the frizz whilst still allowing you to wear your hair curly or straight.

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