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Milly asks:
I have been dying my hair with the same hair dye for the last year. Itís a blonde colour and some parts of my hair go blonder than others, which does look nice, as it looks like it has been highlighted. Then the other day after showering I noticed the whiter parts in my hair had gone blue! So I recently dyed my hair a darker blonde (golden blonde) and the parts which were blue are now a greyish white colour. Do you think that the shampoo or conditioner has affected my hair? Or do you think it could be the dye?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
It could be for a number of reasons for example shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc. However it seems as though when these light colours are applied over a period of time colour on top of colour it can build up an awful lot of ash, hence you may be seeing a greyish colour. All the best.

Pat asks:
I had my hair coloured with a permanent hair colour, matrix copper dark blonde and hate the colour. My natural hair colour is dark golden blonde. What can I put on my hair to get this copper red out?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Pat - I think I would leave the colour as it is now and just add a very fine highlight to it, otherwise youíre going to have to strip the colour you have now, right out and it will affect the condition of your hair.

Amber asks:
I have naturally dirty blonde hair, but I am thinking about dying it a medium brown with burgundy highlights. I also have blonde eyes, with a round face and my hair is medium length, do you think this colour will look bad? And what kind of cut should I get?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Amber - for me I would rather see you as a deep chestnut first, which is a warm colour and then see how that looks on you. If after that, you feel you might want to do more, and then add fine highlights in a very deep deep copper. The hair cut, keep it long and smooth maybe longer heavy Bangs. Jason

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