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Olivia asks:
Recently I had a permanent colour mid brown as quasis washed out after 3 weeks it is 5 weeks since having it done and it is going lighter I am 59 my hair is fine and I have been told permanents can damage your hair. I found it expensive as well Last November I had blonde highlights so that is why I decided to have a permanent as I donít want my hair to go to light too quickly What do you recommend?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Permanent colour will not damage your hair is done correctly. Ensure you use good quality/professional shampoos and conditioners for colour treated hair. These will maintain the condition and moisture content to prolong the life of your hair colour investment. The worst thing for causing colour fade is electrical styling product, for example hairdryers as they dehydrate your hair which in turn increases colour fade. I would strongly recommend a professional 1900 Hairdryer as this will help maintain the moisture and hair condition helping prevent colour fade. You can also try using shampoos with a hint of colour too them to maintain your hair colour between salon visits. Good luck

Mikael asks:
Iím a guy with short fine hair whoíd want a afro curl or something that would change the texture so it would be easier to style, cause as it is now it grows straight out from the head (stands up). Itís too short to get on rollers, so some chemical that changes the texture of the hair or weights it down maybe.

Thanks you so much if you could help me! Iíve had a life long problem with my hair so far.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
This is a common problem with strong straight hair. Yet the fact that it is too short to go around a roller makes it very difficult.

Depending on how experienced your hair stylist is you could ask them to try pipe cleaners in your hair that are really small and will give you an afro look that is cool. ...More >

You could then apply clay or matt paste for extra texture. Ensure your stylist has done this process before.

Claire asks:
I am getting married soon. I want to have curls, my hair is just below my shoulders and quite thick. Curls donít stay very long even when done professionally by a hairdresser. Can you suggest anything?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Hair that has been teased and tousled within an inch of its life is great for an on trend wedding do and a chignon is a great way to go! Chignons were known to be a very structured style ten or twenty years ago but now you will see that styles are looser and more messed up, which gives you a gorgeous, more edgy, contemporary look. A great way to add texture (before you put your hair up is to twist your hair and pin it whilst damp. When it is dry take out the pins and run your fingers through your hair Ė you will have soft waves which will add lots of movement to your hair. Back comb lightly at the crown smoothing over the surface with a soft brush. Either put your hair into two sections loosely twisting and pinning into the crease of your hair creating a twisted chignon. Repeat with the bottom section.

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