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MOMoffive asks:
Since I stopped sewing in extensions to my hair I have massive hair loss and it was growing when I braided and sewed it before now it is less than a inch in the back and I canít think to braid anymore loss is all over me when I brush it and I use conditioners, my head get dry again every day and very itchy after washed.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Maybe at some point whilst having weaves this has effected the hairs growth, I suggest you give it time without extensions or weaves and take high sea kelp products or vitamins to help strengthen the hair and promote hair growth.

Alice asks:
My hair felt very damaged and dry. So I have for the last six months used shampoos and conditioners for dry and damaged hair (I have been colouring it for a few years) but now my ends (and 10 cm up) are almost fine but the roots gets so greasy so fast. HAVE to wash it every day.

Should I change my shampoo?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The two important things to remember are to use a shampoo specifically for oily hair/scalp and use a repair or hydrate conditioner on the ends.

Also make sure when you wash your hair it is with luke warm water not hot, as this makes the scalp produce oil quicker.

Charliie asks:
I have really natural blonde hair and I want to use a spray or dye to semi dye it brown. I once had this spray which washed out in the rain and I canít remember what it was. I wondered if you had any products which I could use to dye it semi and would it wash out.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Dying your hair in general is an important decision. So my first piece of advice to anyone planning on changing their hair colour dramatically (to whatever colour) is to think it through- why not ask the advice of your hair stylist first or go online to check out different shades on celebrities with similar skin tones and features to yourself ...More >

Blonde to brunette sounds a more drastic transition than it actually is just check out Reese Witherspoon, Ashlee Simpson and Britney, who have all taken the plunge from blonde to brunette with gorgeous results

Finding a good colourist is important as colouring your hair a darker shade may require the colourist to "fill" your hair first then the desired colour formula is applied. (A "fill" is like a "primer" before you apply your foundation). For those with a more nervous temperament- why not try lowlights, which allows you to see a more gradual change in colour

Once you achieved the right shade of brunette, it is important to keep your brand new colour in good nick! Using a specialist shampoo and conditioner will prevent undesired colour fade.

For more high maintenance hair over the New Year party season, try my new 4 Brunettes glossing glimmer serum from my new BLING party range. Smooth the serum onto dry hair for a shimmering finish, keeping flyaway hair under control. Itís packed full of vitamins too, to give colour vitality and shine!

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