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Stacy asks:
I have very thick some what coarse hair with some wave in it. The back reaches past my waist. I love my length but I really need a style to it. I havenít cut it in 12 years because a beautician burnt and butchered it and Iím fearful. I have a roundish face with high cheek bones and a small chin. Is there anything I can do to keep the length but give it some style? Iím also having to dye it now.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your hair sounds fantastic. I can understand your concerns given your last experience. I would have a good hairdresser that knows how to introduce soft layers with a razor internally into your haircut. A fantastic technique for this is the internal Diffusion technique with a razor. This will add volume and allow you to be more creative with your hair. You can also try introducing some curls for soft movement with a good quality flat irons. Keep it long and introduce some soft internal layers. Remember when introducing soft curl ensure it is loose waves so you do not turn into Tina Turner with BIG hair.

Angela asks:
I am 24 and 5.9 tall. I have very thick medium long dark brown hair just below my shoulders cut straight. My hair is wavy. I have some grey hair as well, which look very untidy. I have a long squarish face with a not so fair complexion (Asian). Could you please suggest me a cool hairstyle which is easy and quick to keep and maintain. Also which colour do u think will suit me.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Thanks for your question, its so hard to give a true picture of what would suit your face style and colour without actually seeing yourself in person however to give you a few ideas think about variations of adding fringes or layers and a suitable length you would like to take it to and whether or not you would like to see yourself light or dark etc.

Beth asks:
I love my new fringe but on nights out it tends to soak up the sweat really easily is there anything I can do or any products I can use to stop this?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
There isnít a great deal you can do aside from carry a "dry shampoo" product with you and spray it in when your fringe looks greasy! Or stay in!

I think the dry shampoo will be great!

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