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Cora asks:
Well letís start I have an Oval shaped face brown average thickness hair a couple inches below my shoulders and a cowlick on the left front side of my face. I want side swept bangs but Iím not sure what the best style would be to get with this.

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Well the most sort after face shape to take basically any style is oval; so well done! As for the side swept fringe (bang) the strength of the ícow lickí will really determine weather this is possible. A good way to see how you hair will react is too take a thick parting across the front of you forehead and let the hair fall on your face and see how much lift you have? Increase the amount of hair until the weight of the hair allows the hair to sit flat. If you do not get to a point of it sitting, could well be the ílickí is too strong and you wonít want the constant hassle of flattening it every day. If it is something you really want, you could always look at chemically straightening the fringe area of course over several months the hair will begin to lift again, but you might be on to a new style by then

Andrea asks:
I have naturally brown hair I have dyed my hair black for about a year and a half which I grew tired of, I wanted it a light golden brown for the summer, I bleached my hair a few times which left it very red at the mid lengths and yellowy at the roots, which I think is because there was a build up of colour at the ends, I then used a medium ash blonde a few shades lighter than I wanted to be I think it was a 9/1 I wanted to be a 7/1. I have coloured it a few times now my hair is a tad too light at the top. But I like it and could bare it, but the mids and ends are still very red, my hair is in ok condition the elasticity isnít too bad but its quite porous, also I have very thick long hair, could you give me any advice on how I could achieve the colour I want without spending a fortune, hopefully Iím almost there, I have been doing this over a ĺ month space of time too rest my hair in between but Iím getting restless now.

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
You are correct the reason the mid-lengths and ends are still red and not as light as the scalp is the build up of colour. Your options are to continue as you are until eventually your hair grows long enough that you can actually cut the darker ends off. The second option is to lift the ends again to the same color your hair lifted at the scalp area, you will need to use a bleach but my question would be can your hair handle this process again? It sounds like you feel it is already damaged on the ends so unfortunately if that is the case you are stuck with cutting the darker area.

Tracey asks:
I have fine dark blonde/mousey bob style hair and pale skin. It looks dull and boring, so I would like to lighten it slightly, especially round the fringe and face. I want inexpensive and low maintenance with my hair looking as natural as possible. What would you suggest?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
The good thing is you know what you want. Wanting to lighten up around the front are of the hair is a nice way to open the face shape up. Also your hair being ímouseyí is the ideal tone to have blonde and not show such a strong regrowth, so you have that going for you too. ...More >

I would suggest consulting with a local hairdresser you feel comfortable with and let them know that you are looking at possibly hi-lighting around the front area; but just a couple of shades lighter than your natural tone. This way you brighten the overall look, but wonít have to worry about a strong regrowth.

Also remember íThe lighter you go the more the regrowth will show. If you like the results may be you will begin to lighten a bit more over the summer; but at least it will be on your terms...Enjoy!

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