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Sophie asks:
I have super thick, super dark and super straight hair. I wanted to use Henna to give me more of a golden brown hair color but I also wanted to perm it so I could have curly hair instead. My problem is that I heard from several people that Henna and perms donít go well together and since my hair is really heavy Iím thinking the extra weight of the henna will flatten out the curls... Iím not sure quite what to do. I also heard that Henna is a safe and cheaper alternative for dying hair but that itís bad in the long run. Could you please help me I donít know what to do?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would not recommend Henna.

Simply have some low lights introduced into your hair but on the underneath of your top section so you never have roots appearing. ...More >

Regarding your curls you desire.

Before you opt for a perm! have a look at you tube and put in carbonite-pro curls. These are new carbon curling rods you use with your hair straightener. They are easy to use yourself and the curls last and last but you can get any size or style of curl on 30 mins simple. Even my 11 year old daughter can do it.

This way you can change your style without having a perm, and I think the thickness and length of your hair would soon drag out the curl from a perm you are considering.

Isobel asks:
I have Remington Wet 2 Dry straighteners - they have impregnated and ionic plates - is this as good as the FHI ones and if not whatís better about the FHI ones? Canít afford to buy another set of straighteners that claim to be fab but donít do much better than my GHDs! Interested to read that using serum boils the keratin out of the hair? I wash 3 times a week, use keratin shampoo and conditioner with regular deep keratin conditioner too. Once every 6 weeks I use Brazilian keratin ístraighteningí (non chemical) product. I thought this would make my hair less porous and thus less dry/individual hairs look bent and donít lie together. I straighten full head of hair 2 - 3 times a week and quickly once over in between just on any hairs that are out of shape from sleep. I just do NOT know what to do with my hair - I have an asymmetrical (from back to front) bob and getting finer all the time hair (Iím 43). I have spent FORTUNES on conditioners and salon shampoos etc and nothing will work. My hair when wet from washing is soft, sleek, smooth, all keeping together but as it dries the ends wisp up and look bent and have no movement. I just do not know what else to do. I either have salon Wella colours or at home colours and donít mess my hair up with colour. What do you suggest? I fear if I go into a salon and say oh my ends are dry Iíll just get given more conditioners and be told íthis is the one that will solve your woesí - but Iíve been told that so many times before...

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I think all your problems come from heat damage! You NEED a hair straightener that has a temp control on it. If you notice steam coming off your hair when you straighten it that is moisture being taken out of your hair. What I ALWAYS do when using any iron is: Adjust the temp so that no steam or very little come off the hair and slowly glide the iron down the section. This ensures you keep as much of the moisture content as possible and you hair WILL stay in better condition. Keep using all the conditioning products you are using at the moment and try an iron with a variable temp setting. You will notice a massive difference.

G asks:
I have shoulder length hair which Iíve dyed black but the colour is washing out. My hair is extremely thick, curly/frizzy (softer afro Caribbean) and takes two hours to straighten. I get good results blow-drying it (volume and shine) but that takes an hour. My face is round/heart shaped with a very short neck. Skin tone is olive with brown eyes. Iím looking for a sleek mid length style but worried about maintaining the polished look as my hair frizzes easily. Iíd also love a more interesting brown colour with maybe a few lowlights, what would be your suggestions?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The obvious thing to state here is the shorter you go and the more weight you remove from your hair the harder it will be to straighten. Having said that there is a new product/service on the market that some salons are offering now called the íBrasiliana Blow Dryí. This is NOT a straightening process but a blow dry that can last up to 3 months. What this will do is dramatically soften your hair and reduce the blow dry time by a third.

Colour wise this is more tricky as you have a black shade on your hair already and this will be difficult to lift out without bleaching, which of course will dry your hair out.

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