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Tabitha asks:
I have been bleaching my hair for the last 6+ years using Clynol products. I lift my hair from a natural dark brown colour that lightens in the sun, to the classic 50ís flat platinum shade. I am worried about the condition of my hair, which in the past has not been a problem. Overall it seems thinner and much more fragile recently. I keep my style on the chin and regularly use conditioning treatments, can you suggest how I can really improve its condition? I would like to keep the blonde but my friends and family are trying to persuade me to return to a natural colour and let my hair recover. I have olive skin and donít want to look like Jessie Wallace from East Enders, and hate brown/highlighted styles boring! Please help! What are my options?!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Continuous colouring (especially if overlapping occurs) can break your hair resulting in it seeming thinner.

Ensure that the colour is only applied to the root (re growth) area each time. ...More >

You could try using Keratin hair treatments that strengthen and harden the cuticle. Yet you must also ensure you use a good conditioning moisturising treatment to get the correct balance of strength and moisture.

Visit your local salon for a consultation (visit a few if you like to ensure your feel you have the correct advice) and used correctly this will help you.

Ria asks:
If a person has level 4 (artificial colour) and he wants to go back to level 2 (full head) is this called permanent colour or colour correction? And how do I do it?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
From a level 4 to a 2 is quite easy as you are going darker. The only thing to watch out for is any underlying tone in the hair that may be apparent. Red, Ash. Then choose your two base with a back up tone to correct this.

As always take a strand test to see the outcome before a full head application.

Amy asks:
Can I perm hair on large velcro rollers?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
You could perm your hair around almost anything as long as there is tension whilst winding however using large velcro rollers will be difficult as it is hard for the tension to be sustained, it would also depend on how long your hair is.

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