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Ashraf asks:
I have very hard, dry and zigzag (meander) hair. Really I hate my hair because I canít make any style so for that every time I just make my hair very small. Can you suggest something for my hair itís curly. very dry, very hard with no shine.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
I think all the things you dislike about your hair stem from it being dry. And ídryí literally means that - a lack of moisture inside the cortex, or inner fibers of the hair (the cortex makes up about 80-90% of the hair). A hair in good condition will have a moisture content of about 10% but for one reason or another (environmental, chemical etc.) the moisture levels commonly drop much lower than this. When that happens the cortical fibers start to break up, the cuticle scales on the surface of the hair íopení and become vulnerable to damage which then causes further surface disruption and damage and so on. ...More >

In your case the hair has become dry it loses itís shine because the rough surface of the hair no longer reflects light off it as (presumably) black hair will when in good condition. There is probably quite a bit of breakage due to the loss of elasticity in the hair and itís looking frizzy because as the hair breaks the broken ends stick out in all directions which interferes with the sleekness of the hair.

Because the structure internal fibers of hair, because of the reduced moisture level, is disrupted the hairs commonly take on a slightly ídisfiguredí shape meaning that the spaces between aligned dry hairs are usually greater than when well conditioned hairs are aligned, so the overall appearance of the hair is less smooth and sleek. With your hair, even though, it is curly, if it was in good condition the curls would be smooth because all the hairs would be aligned and close to each other forming a smooth curl.

So how can you improve your hair?
  • Wash your hair at least twice a week, more if possible.
    Washing the hair is the perfect opportunity to put back moisture. Itís a myth that washing hair is bad for it.
  • Use good quality products on it and condition it every time with the best conditioner you can afford.
  • Use a treatment conditioner once a week until the condition improves then use it once a month to maintain it.
  • Use a good quality wide-toothed comb (saw cut if possible, it will say on the comb) to comb his hair and minimize the use of a brush. This is because a comb will cause less breakage while hair is in a fragile state.
  • Make sure that his diet is well balanced and nutritious - our hair is a product of what we eat, eat rubbish and you may well get rubbish!

Tuna asks:
I am a Chinese Asian with thick long black wavy hair. Since coming to UK, I found it difficult to have reasonable price for permanent hair straightening. A friend of mine recommended me a salon which expertise is to straighten afro hair. Is there a different technique to straightening afro than a normal permanent straightening? Can I opt for the service for my hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
In my opinion the best result is a process called Yuko there are salons who specialise in this however there are relaxers but I think the Yuko is far by the best.

Jay asks:
Iím an Indian guy with black, very thick and frizzy hair. Whenever it grew it would just grow into kind of an afro into all different kinds of directions. My hairdresser recommended that I try shaving it all off and seeing how if it grew back differently. Unfortunately it now grows back even worse as itís kind of a flat afro. Is there anything you can recommend for me? Itís currently shaved to grade 1 all over but I really want to grow it back again.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Try using an afro comb to comb through, this will help lift the hair and with a little practice you should be able to control your hair a little better

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