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Becky asks:
I was wondering if you could help me.

I went from black to medium blonde about 2 months ago (not leaving long between each bleach/dye)

The last time I put blonde dye on my hair (lightest Ash Blonde) was a month ago, but when I did it my hair was falling and stretching like elastic and I only had the hair colour on for 5 mins! I washed it off as soon as I noticed

For the past month I have been conditioning my hair with

Lee Stafford 2 min oil
Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo
Aussie 3 min Miracle
Wash hair 3 Ė 4 times a week

And I have been straightening my hair on 150c

Now I want my blonde to be a lighter blonde (at the moment it is just medium blonde)

Would it be safe to use a box dye again (lightest Blonde)? If so which brand will you recommend? I am having my hair cut short at the end of the month.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Keep it on your head girl and not in a bag!!!!!!!!!!

First things first. If you are thinking about having your hair cut short then I would do this first. ...More >

This will make colouring your hair far easier and your result should be more even.

That being said if your hair became like elastic, stay away at the moment.

Once you have had your hair cut, it is simple to assess what will happen with your hair.

Cut a small piece of hair from your style and test the colour on the strand (known as a strand test in our industry). If the colour and condition on this test come out fine then you know YOU and YOU HAIR will be in good condition to.

Daniel asks:
I am male, 28 years old and I have ginger hair. I have been thinking of changing it for a while now but was always a bit worried that my friends would make stupid comments about the colour change. Is there some kind of shampoo that I could use that would change the colour gradually over time? And if so what colour is the easiest to change to. I just want to take away the redness from my hair....Thanks you for any help

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest there isnít a shampoo that will change your colour over a period of time.

What I would strongly advise is booking a free consultation with a colour technician at a Wella salon that has a Master Colour Expert. These people are highly qualified in all aspects of colour and will be able to point you in the right direction for you.

Anonymous asks:
I have had lice and nits and Now the lice have gone but there maybe a few (not a lot since I have got a lot out) nits left and I have a hair appointment soon. Will the stylist notice them or mistake them for dandruff? And I study NVQ hairdressing but which is better BTEC or NVQ? And what qualifications do you need to open a hairdressing salon and how many courses do you have to take and how many years?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Where do I start?

The salon will NOT probably do you hair if you have any live creatures around. I would mention this so they can do a consultation on you first, so you are upfront (this stops any uncomfortable situation for both you and the salon). ...More >

Regarding your hairdressing education. Either of the two qualifications you mentioned are fine. BUT. The whole emphasis is on you. As a hairdresser and a professional we only get out of this profession what we put in. LOTS OF HARD work passion and enthusiasm.

My advice to ANYONE wanting to build a career in our fantastic industry is:

Find a placement either while at college studying or as an apprentice at the best salon you can find in your locality.

The best salon does not mean the biggest. I mean the one that has the best reputation and the most respected stylist or owner. What you learn from these people AFTER leaving college in invaluable.

I would work in a Professional Salon for at least 3-5 years building up clients and your skill base. No only in hairdressing skills but: personal skills, client communication, consultation, professionalism, image, confidence and of course business skills that you will learn, sales, sales techniques, promotions all these things provide knowledge and understanding that is essential when you GO IT ALONE.

This may seem like a long haul, yet as I said at the beginning. IF YOU PUT THE HARD WORK PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM in from the start the fantastic opportunities that this industry have to offer open themselves up to you.

Good Luck. and a great question

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