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Linda asks:
I want a total new look, my hair is quite long. Finally!! But now I am sick of it, I was thinking of getting a nice bob but am unsure if it will make my nose look bigger, I have always been paranoid about my nose and I do not want to make it a bigger issue. I want a new start and new look this year as I lost 2 stone last year and had a bit of heartache so understandably I want a new look. Help :(

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The first thing I would suggest is booking a free consultation with a hairdresser to discuss your requirements and certainly take any magazine cutting or pictures of styles you like so the hairdresser can see where your thoughts are, take a look on the Style Gallery on the site there are thousands to choose from.. Regarding a bob, out of all the styles you can choose the classic bob is about the only one that suits all face shapes so I would say this is a good option for you.

Christina asks:
I am a 25 year old girl who has never done anything to my hair. No colouring, rarely use any products, hairspray or anything, I just keep it natural. Then I got a gift certificate for one of those "Model for a day" Makeovers, and when I got there, the hairdresser sprayed my hair with loads of hairspray (Wella I think) and curled it with a curling iron. I have always had very soft (although relatively thin) hair that I really liked, but that one-time treatment seems to have done some serious damage to my hair, and it does not have that usual soft feel anymore (this was a few days ago). I am really freaking out about this! Will my hair regain its natural feel? Or am I stuck with this hair? What can I do to make it better again? Can curling irons and hairspray cause irreparable damage to hair? I do not want to become addicted to hair products, just have my hair the way it was before, my hair is like the only thing about myself that I really like(d)!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest hairspray and curling tongs should not leave your hair feeling damaged and whatever it has done will certainly not be permanent. What I could hazard a guess has happened is that the hairspray has formed a build up on your hair and left if feeling unnatural? This should disappear after a short period of time through washing your hair regularly.

Steph asks:
I have my hair highlighted, not with bleach, I think itís a high lift tint. I have had this done for a couple of years, so why are my roots a different colour to the rest of my hair. There always darker even after I have had my hair coloured. I ask for the same colour everytime.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Unless they are not taking the foils close enough to the roots the colour should be perfect every time.

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