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Judy asks:
Should women over 50 with a sagging neck wear short or long hair?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I think if you were to cut your hair just above your shoulders you would have a good balance for your chin and hair.

Maryam asks:
I have been having my hair relaxed for the past 2 years but still carried on straightening it every other day. My hair is now so damaged that I have lots of split ends and breakage every time I brush my hair. My hair is quite thin as I lose a lot. I have been using shampoo and conditioner from the Nioxin range as well as their styling products. My hairdresser has recommended a steam conditioning treatment which I will be having next week. She also advised me to buy the T3 Wet to Dry Straighteners. I do not know if they will be suitable for my hair though.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
It sounds like your hair needs a long holiday! If you chemically straighten your hair do you still need to straighten it with heat every other day? I think you should give either the relaxing or the heat straightening a miss and focus on getting your hair back in good condition. Your hairdressers suggestion about steam treatments is good, have a few of these to increase the moisture content of your hair, this will strengthen it and increase its elasticity, thus greatly reducing the breakage you have been experiencing. Also, the Wet2Straight from Remington is a very good hair straightener that will straighten your hair excellently whilst reducing the damage that, typically, conventional hair straighteners cause. Also, use rich, deep penetrating reconditioning treatments a hope a couple of times a week. Your hair will soon start to improve, stop breaking and grow longer

Nicky Crompton asks:

Iím a fourteen year old male and my hair line, Iíve noticed has gone a little further back. This wasnít too bad, but I noticed that my hair was quite thick and for some reason decided to use a non-electric razor and it now really looks like I have a receding hair line. Will the area I used the razor on grow back?

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Hi there.

The hair should grow back where you razored if it was there originally. ...More >

It will take a couple of weeks to tell. Donít over wash your hair and next time go to a professional who can thin out thick growth without leaving your hair scarce.
Hope this helps


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