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Moss asks:
I have always wanted thick and straight hair, I had it as a child, but unfortunately Iím the type of person who likes to experiment with my hair a lot. So long story short, itís kind of wavy and dry now. I was wondering if using mane n tail horse shampoo would help with straightening and making it thicker? Iím not prone to chemical straightening to be honest. Please let me know what I can do to make this happen.

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
This is a common question that gets asked; why does hair differ from adolescence to adult hood? The answer is its just natural, the body and skin evolves and changes with age as does hair. This can affect both men and woman and can also occur when having a baby. Hairís texture will more than likely always change. I wouldnít necessarily put it down to a catalogue of errors regarding colours and chemical treatment, but this will affect the health of your hair. Shampoo and conditioner will not straighten your hair, it may make it smoother and softer but it wonít straighten it and there are enough on the market for you to use without going for something so unorthodox! I would suggest looking at keratin treatments in a salon near you. This is a smoothing treatment which put protein back into the hair and helps reduce frizz, while significantly improving the condition and texture. It can last up to three months so means you wonít need to use straightening irons as much.

Lamia asks:
My natural hair colour is light brown and I dyed it dark brown, it as faded, I wanted a honey colour, like beige honey but it came out orangey. Now itís washed out and itís something like golden blonde or very light ginger. I donít like it at all and I was wondering how I can dye my hair to get a sort of dark blonde or the lightest brown, but without bleaching if possible. So can I just dye over this faded hair colour and which hair colour would you recommend?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
It sounds like youíve done a lot of colouring which is never recommended unless youíre doing it in a controlled manner i.e. with a professional colour technician. Semi permanents will always be friendlier to your hair but itís very difficult to assess your hair without seeing it. You will have a build up of colour on your hair, and the condition will not be great so you need an expert to sort your colour but I think you should use some highlights to lighten the colour and break-up the tone would be best. You need to go to your local salon and get a consultation, a consultation costs nothing and what you will get could be invaluable. We have salons in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds that will be able to look after you.

Georgia asks:
I want to cut my hair short, please can you give me a short, flirty, fashionable hairstyle. I have a heart shaped face. A fringe would be good do you think?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
I think itís great when people become more acceptable to change, Take a look on the Style Gallery on the site, there are some fantastic styles on there and you can always print a few off and take them along to the Salon.

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