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Abbie asks:
I really need some help my hair is currently a mess and becoming uncontrollable. I have been a bit of a hair sinner! My hair does not seem to have grown much at all over the last year or so - I have lots of split ends and I cannot actually remember the last time I went for a hair cut because I am trying to grow my hair long. It is currently just above my chest level but it seems to have stopped. I straighten my hair once a week with GHDs. I am guessing this is why my hair is not appearing to grow - is there anything I can do without getting the whole lot chopped off? Also, my hair gets greasy very quickly - it only takes a few days before I am unable to wear it down and I have to scrape it into a ponytail which looks very thin. I have tried using lots of different shampoos to try and see if a particular brand was better than the rest. I always try to make sure I am only ever conditioning the ends of my hair but that does not seem to help much. I try to use clarifying shampoo to get rid of any build-up, dirt, pollution etc but nothing much helps. I would really appreciate any help or guidance at all as my hair needs serious rescuing - I would love to be able to grow it longer than it currently is and for it to be fresher for much longer too.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Ok first things first, the reason why your hair appears to have stopped growing is the fact that your split ends are actually working their way up the hair shaft. So in essence your hair is still growing from the root/ scalp but just splitting at the ends so this gives the appearance of it not growing. You must get your haircut straight away to avoid this getting worse and ultimately getting more cut off than you would real want. Once this is done your hair will get longer. Re your oily scalp, I would strongly recommend Wella System Professional for oily scalps and also try to wash your hair in luke warm water rather than hot, as hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands that produces the oil from your scalp.

Debra asks:
I have recently bought a fabulous wig but the weave makes my scalp itch. Iíve tried wig caps and witch hazel to cool but have to remove frequently to use WH. The wig is very natural and fools everyone. I love wearing it as it looks so much better than my own thin, grey hair but the itching is driving me mad.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This is a very common problem however you are trying and doing the right things. Ask at your local pharmacy their opinions as they may have a lotion or cream you may be able to use.

Linda asks:
I want a total new look, my hair is quite long. Finally!! But now I am sick of it, I was thinking of getting a nice bob but am unsure if it will make my nose look bigger, I have always been paranoid about my nose and I do not want to make it a bigger issue. I want a new start and new look this year as I lost 2 stone last year and had a bit of heartache so understandably I want a new look. Help :(

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
The first thing I would suggest is booking a free consultation with a hairdresser to discuss your requirements and certainly take any magazine cutting or pictures of styles you like so the hairdresser can see where your thoughts are, take a look on the Style Gallery on the site there are thousands to choose from.. Regarding a bob, out of all the styles you can choose the classic bob is about the only one that suits all face shapes so I would say this is a good option for you.

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