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Sue asks:
Can you recommend a curling iron that will work well, but wonít do too much damage to my hair? I love my hair in curls, but the only wand Iíve found that makes lasting curls is my Jose Eber. Unfortunately, itís been frying my hair and the damage is starting to show. What should I look for in a curling iron so that I know the curls will really last, but it wonít destroy my hair?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
The reason your curls are lasting is because the wand throughs out some serious heat - the hotter the wand the longer the curl will last - BUT, and it is a big BUT this will damage your hair and some of this damage will be irreversible. ...More >

I want to break this down for you; firstly to address the damage in your hair, then to prevent further damage and then look at curling wands that will produce great curls but wonít fry your hair.

1. Damage: I would recommend you use a collection of products that will improve the strength and general condition of your hair, look for products that contain wheat protein as they will contain essential amino acids to repair the structure of your hair and add much needed moisture. We use Electric Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner as they are packed with wheat protiens and jojoba & meadowfoam to hydrate, repair and reduce breakage. Use a hair masque every seven to ten days to really nourish and condition - your hair will thank you for it! (top tip - apply your hair masque after your shampooing and then once you have rinsed off the masque apply your regular conditioner to lock in all the goodness - rinse and style as normal).

2. Damage prevention: If you take one piece of advise from this reply let it be this one: USE HEAT PROTECTOR. I canít stress how important this is when using heated styling tools. We use P4 Preparation Spray and we also love Kerastase Ciment Thermique. Go for the best your budget can afford.

3. Which Wand? We use Babyliss Pro wand - the great thing about this wand is has thermal control dial - allowing you to reduce the heat to prevent damage. I would look for a wand that has heat control and experiment using a reduced heat along with a great hold hairspray combined with using the products above and I guarantee your bouncy curls will be shiny and full of health in no time!

Joan asks:
Hi, I want to know what colour hair would best suit me. I have had blonde hair my whole life, I have hazel eyes and brown eyebrows, I have a redish undertone and my veins look blue in the light. If it also helps I use the colour Classic Ivory foundation to match my skin tone. Would a light brown look good on me or maybe a lighter blonde? Any suggestions? thank you.

Karine JacksonAnswered By:
Karine Jackson
Itís is always a bit of a shock to go darker, especially as youíve been blonde all your life! What I tend to suggest to clients, when they visit me, is if we take the colour darker and then itís best to add a few highlights to soften the transition slightly until you get used to your new shade. From your description of your features and hair tone I think going darker would work perfect Ė I would just suggest going darker gradually so itís not too big a change all at once.

Jenny asks:
Iíve been a light ash blonde most my life and recently decided to try something different and go brown. Trying to ease into this transition I chose to do a light brown all over my hair first to see how dark I could handle turned an ashy green color. Tried to fix it the next day by putting over that a semi -permanent warm medium brown as advised by the worker at Sallyís, but that didnít help much just made it a darker ash. Deeply regretting ever changing my blonde hair I was wondering if stripping that hair color could possibly bring me back closer to my original blonde. Wondering if the product Color Oops could actually work on salvaging my blonde color without it turning orange or brassy.?

Karine JacksonAnswered By:
Karine Jackson
Colouring your hair yourself will always be tricky as everyoneís hair reacts to colour differently. To go back to dark youíll need to replace what has been taken out; the undertones of red, orange and yellow. If there is any ash in the hair, it will always come out as ash as this is the dominant tone in your hair; this needs to be removed first before any colouring. Putting a neutral base will always turn ash as the ash is a natural base Ė once ash is in the hair youíll have to strip all the ash out before re-colouring. My advice is to go to a good salon and get it done professionally. They will have everything to hand to get a great colour for you Ė colouring takes a hairdresser years to learn so trust them rather than attempting something youíre unsure of.

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