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Amy asks:
I donít know what to do with my hair! It is so unmanageable the only thing I can do it put it in a ponytail! I have very thick, Nordic, wavy and frizzy hair, and I have no control over it whatsoever. It just lives its own life on top of my head. I donít mind my waves, but what could I use to kind of collect the waves? Right now each strand of hair is wavy in a unique direction creating wild and frizzy hair. And I would also appreciate advice on how I could get a more straight hair for those special occasions without losing absolutely all volume after applying a flattening iron. It seems like I have to choose between frizzy hair and flat hair. I never blowdry my hair, or use any other hot tools. All I use is shampoo and hair balm and towel dry my hair, brush it and then let it dry in a ponytail in the neck. I dry it this way or else I get this lion-mane on my head, although this makes my hair look kind of weird. It is straight to the point where the hair band has been, and wavy and curly beneath. I want MORE volume above my ears, but less below them you could say. I have tried straightening my hair with a flattening iron, but this just seems to remove my waves, the frizz is still there. I have also tried various serums, but they had no effect whatsoever. Iím so tired of struggling with my hair, please give me some advice! I have slightly layered hair to just beneath my shoulders if that matters.

Mick PasseriAnswered By:
Mick Passeri
Itís very simple - the long awaited and soon to be here Keratin Revolution Blonde has all the same regular benefits as KR regular but with the added intensity for un-ruley hair and off course to compliment blonde coloured hair. It will soften the hair and add lustre. The beauty is, that with flat irons you will further endorse smoothness and longevity; however, without it, will facilitate ease of management and de-frizz the hair.

Susie asks:
I have incredibly thick straight grey hair that no stylist seems to have a solution for .Over the years I have had it layered, textured etc as there instinct is always to remove the "bulk" but all this does is make it stick out further .Its much better when I let its own weight pull it down but because of having to have the roots permanently coloured every three weeks I end up with banding and the sheer volume makes colouring such a chore for them. As I approach my fifties Iím becoming increasingly desperate to find a style that will work for me .Iím very tall, well built with very wide shoulders and with an oval face .My hair looks best when up or swept away from my face at least on one side. By using products I can keep it fairly shiny and sleek but what is the right thing to advise my stylist because it seems every "chip in" just creates frizzy hair that sticks out even more and itís so strong that no style lasts for long without a ton of product. It goes its own way hours after every salon visit!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I would strongly recommend that you look into having the Keratin Complex treatment done. What this does is add keratin back into the hair which helps people like yourself with very thick coarse hair be able to manage the style better. It is important to point out that it is NOT a chemical straightening process, but it will help reduce blow drying time and difficulties dramatically.

Damien asks:
I use a permanent color to cover my grey at a salon. A few months ago I went to a new colorist. I noticed that two days after colouring my roots were grey! I switched colourists and now am on my third one. This is still happening. Each colourist says that this is "regrowth". Regrowth after one day? How can this be? Is there something lacking or not strong enough in the dye they are using? I would be so grateful for your opinion on this matter. It is driving me crazy! Thank you so much.

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
If you are using permanent hair colour there should be no reason why you are not getting the results and great grey coverage. I will advise you that it is harder to colour grey hair when it is course or lighter shades of blonde are desired, but other than that you should not have grey hair after one day. So letís try to figure out what could possibly be going on. Some facts: The average head of hair grows 1/2 inch per month, so yes if you are an high percentage of grey and are doing a really dark colour, in two weeks you will have a 1/4 -inch regrowth that will be visible. I am not sure if this is the case for you or if in fact you are just not getting good coverage to begin with. You said that your experience in the past was good, was that along time ago could your hair be a lot more grey now, have you changed the level of colour or shade that you used in the past, are you recently on medication or had surgery as all these things can effect colour. I hope this helps you work through this situation I wished I could help you more but it is difficult unless I can analyze the hair and do my own visible tests.

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