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Zeinab asks:
As I want to dye my hair an ashy (brown/blond) grey and want to keep it as long as it can without damaging it or altering the colour, I think about buying a colour depositing conditioner but have a bit of a dilemma in what colour should I choose to keep it the closest to the hair colour I want: if I take a grey or red neutralizing conditioner I fear to lose the ashy tone (dirty tone from brown/blond-ish) and if I go with a brown or beige depositing conditioner I donít know if it would take the grey off the hair overtime, thanks for helping

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hey Zeinab

If you are trying to maintain a grey ashy look then you are best to go with the ash tone conditioner, this will keep your grey clear and alive . Any kind of beige or gold shampoo will begin to give a golden hume to your hair and this is not what you want, stick with the ash. ...More >

Take a look at Shu Uemura color luster cool blond .

Krista asks:
Hi, Iím a 16 year old girl who wants to cut her hair short.

I have black, fine thin hair. If I get a short haircut, I want to make it as big and fluffy as possible.. I think the best way would be to damage it as much as possible by dying it. I would like to hear your thoughts on that! And another question. If I get short hair, can I just layer my hair from the crown?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Firstly, yes, damaging your hair will create a different texture however i feel this is not the way to go to achieve the best results . By all means use some color (and remember to skin test yourself first, using a small amount of color behind the ear and leave for 48 hours) however not to the point of being damaged . You can achieve great texture from products alone. I would recommend Redken Wax Blast (No 10) when your hair is dry blast with the hairdryer and spray the wax in at the same time. You could also use Redkenís Powder Grip. This will mattify the hair and add volume just shake a small amount onto the roots when dry and style as normal. Now as for the layering from the crown it depends on what shape you are going for . The best thing would be to see a stylist and ask for direction on this as itís hard to say without seeing what look you are aiming fo, r and also what would suit your hair and face shape.

Have fun with the new look Krista hair is meant to be played with.

Jez asks:
Hello. I have 2 daughters (11 and 12) who are quickly have turned into teenagers before I was ready for it.

They are both looking to update their hairstyles and get something a bit more on trend. My issue is that I have tried a number of hairdressers with them over the past few years that we have lived in London. Everyone so far treats them like children and gives a very simple, 10-minute cut.

I have tried calling the salons in advance and requesting an adult cut. I am willing to pay more to get the right style and to have someone who will talk to them and provide advice. Still no luck.

Do you have any advice on finding a stylist that is sympathetic to the situation and can give a cut that is more grown up and appropriate for that age (i.e. low maintenance yet trendy and fresh)?

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
How unfortunate ! My salon has a teen zone as I have heard this complaint so often and decided to do something about it.

I would suggest they google some pics and print them off and when you book the appointment say that your daughterís will need a consultation before the cuts and let THEM , (with your presence) tell the stylist what they want. using the pics as a guide ?.This way the stylist is creating a rapport with your girls not just you. ...More >

You can all discuss the styles you are all happy with before the salon visit.

Hope this helps

Good luck


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