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Jane asks:
I am after some hair care advice for my teenager. He has curly hair which he wears just above his shoulders and ties back on occasion. Its very similar to Jon Snowís style from Game of Thrones (sorry for use of this for description).. Over the last year the hair at the sides of his crown, above his ears, has broken off on both sides and hasnít really grown back (thereís about an inch of fluffy hair) which looks odd when tied back as it sticks out. Its really knocking his confidence and he is starting to worry (heís 19) that he is going to lose his hair since its not growing as fast as the rest. He is driving me crazy, so I would be so grateful if you could give this tormented mum (who also has curly hair) some advice....thank you in advance..

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This could be one of a few things, new growth, or breakage from tension from tucking behind his ears , tying back and even combing or brushing.

My advice is the make sure you he isnít doing the above too vigorously, take a hair supplement temporarily apply conditioner to the fluffy areas and gently comb through before rinsing and use a wax based styling product to smooth and tame the short areas whilst they grow back in.

Zeinab asks:
As I want to dye my hair an ashy (brown/blond) grey and want to keep it as long as it can without damaging it or altering the colour, I think about buying a colour depositing conditioner but have a bit of a dilemma in what colour should I choose to keep it the closest to the hair colour I want: if I take a grey or red neutralizing conditioner I fear to lose the ashy tone (dirty tone from brown/blond-ish) and if I go with a brown or beige depositing conditioner I donít know if it would take the grey off the hair overtime, thanks for helping

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím a little confused with the question, I assume you have coloured hair and you want to tone and blend the grey hair between colour, if thatís correct and the colour you want to achieve is an ash / cool tone then and ash brown / dark blonde conditioner may be the answer. It will neutralise the natural red undertone as well as deposit a temporary colour on the grey.

kiera asks:
Hi guys, Iím thinking about dying my hair red in the near future and was just wondering if I should bleach my hair first as it is almost black ( naturally ) I know it says on the boxes of home dye kits that they are not suitable for bleached or natural blonde hair. I have tried dying my hair red in the past without bleaching first using home kits and the red didnít even touch my hair.

Hooker and YoungAnswered By:
Hooker and Young
This is definitely a specialist job so I would suggest going to a salon rather than using box dye. As your hair is so dark, you need to ensure an even colouring across your hair. Itís important to understand that achieving this colour may take time and a few appointments to reach the colour you want, bleach wonít work all in one sitting.

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