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Jez asks:
Hello. I have 2 daughters (11 and 12) who are quickly have turned into teenagers before I was ready for it.

They are both looking to update their hairstyles and get something a bit more on trend. My issue is that I have tried a number of hairdressers with them over the past few years that we have lived in London. Everyone so far treats them like children and gives a very simple, 10-minute cut.

I have tried calling the salons in advance and requesting an adult cut. I am willing to pay more to get the right style and to have someone who will talk to them and provide advice. Still no luck.

Do you have any advice on finding a stylist that is sympathetic to the situation and can give a cut that is more grown up and appropriate for that age (i.e. low maintenance yet trendy and fresh)?

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
How unfortunate ! My salon has a teen zone as I have heard this complaint so often and decided to do something about it.

I would suggest they google some pics and print them off and when you book the appointment say that your daughterís will need a consultation before the cuts and let THEM , (with your presence) tell the stylist what they want. using the pics as a guide ?.This way the stylist is creating a rapport with your girls not just you. ...More >

You can all discuss the styles you are all happy with before the salon visit.

Hope this helps

Good luck


Sigrid Kofod Christiansen asks:
I have this kind of ashy deep brown colour, but 3 years ago I got my hair coloured very red at a salon. But since then I havenít been able to get that red tone out off my hair. Every time I try to colour my hair back to this ashy brown colour, I end up with a mix between red and brown, but that is not what I want. Itís like my hair absorbs the red much better. Should I tell my hairdresser to leave out the red pigment, when she colours my hair?

Ken PictonAnswered By:
Ken Picton
Your hairdresser should definitely be leaving the red tone out. You should be opting for an ashier/green tone than originally desired to counteract the red tone. Red is a very hard colour to get rid of and ash should be used to remove the red tone. Your colourist should also be thinking about where the colour is on your hair from 3 years ago as this part of your hair will require a different colour on the parts of your hair that arenít coloured

Steffii asks:
I could really use some tips on what to do.. my hair is about shoulder length and it is really unevenly cut and it wont grow at all... Ive tried everything to make it grow but I think I have really dead ends from dying it too much and I cant really trim it unless I want my hair to be really short and like never grown Im really scared, I dont want to have short hair forever, what should I do?

Barbara DaleyAnswered By:
Barbara Daley
Hi Steffi,

It sounds to me as though your hair has been damaged not only with the cut but with over colouring it and as a result it is probably breakage that is preventing your hair from growing beyond a certain length. I would advise having it trimmed even though it might feel shorter at first it will stop the hair from splitting upwards, which will could make it fragile and prone to snapping off anyway. I would also recommend that you change your homecare regime to something which concentrates on building up strength. Kerastase bain de force and forceintense treatments are, in my opinion, fantastic at rebuilding damaged lengths and ends which should ultimately help you hair to grow. ...More >

If you are in North West we host a hair rehab clinic in salon every thursday and where we can offer more personalised advice, and I can take a closer look at how you would like your hair to be eventually and make a plan for what we can do to get you there.

Hope this helps!

Barbara x

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