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Eden asks:
Dear Hair Gurus,
I am lucky enough to be a man nearly 50 with the hair of a thirty year old woman.
Because of this I have enjoyed long hair for most of my life and still have long hair now which can be seen at the casting call pro website under my name, as I am and have always been an occasional actor. I now want very much to have shorter hair but when through misfortune I had to have my hair shaved at the back 2 years ago for much of the regrowth I looked like an old bloke with a boy band haircut - not many good hair days there! My hair is not grey, a few strands but not salt and pepper but my beard is and I have deduced through research if you are my age (or ten years younger) and you have long hair you have to pair it with facial hair? I realise my question is wholly selfish and I thank the genes of hair every day but I really could use some help and I end up feeling self conscious trying to have this conversation in a salon because its really important to me, itís a big change, I have tried twice before and failed. So if you have a moment and you care please advise, I have good leeway (hair really needs a cut) I would love to take salon advice (I live in London) and would be eternally grateful.

Thank-you for your time.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Eden thank you for your email, you are very blessed to have such great hair.

I understand your dilemma especially after the shaved hair style, my suggestion is to take a selection of images along to a salon and have a free consultation in advance of booking the actual haircut. I have added a few options as an in between hairstyle as I think itís important to consider the different aspects of the daily styling routine etc. ...More >

I would suggest initially asking for a few inches off the length and long layers all the way through and as you build a relationship with a stylist you will grow in confidence that they understand and care about your hair and needs before cutting it.

Even though I am a hairdresser myself itís taken me a long time to not feel self-conscious about wanting the best from my hair and feel confident about having a change itís a common issue. I have a number of friends as well as my Son that are hairdressers in London, if it would be helpful you could pop and chat to one of them under my recommendation?

Good luck, take the plunge but in stages.


Lily asks:
Hi there,

I have been blonde for sixteen years. I am 34, my hair is long and is in good condition but ever since moving away from London 8 years ago I cannot find a hairdresser that will give me the blonde hair I once had.

I used to have an all over high lift blonde tint and a few scattered highlights for dimension. I think hairdressers call it double processing. The colour was very light but was perfect. I had no banding and the re-grow was fine.

Any hairdresser I have tried the past eight years keeps trying to get me to have a fill set of highlights which I hate. I recently went to someone who understands what I was talking about but the tint sheís using isnít light enough and she keeps putting more and more foils in. After 3 weeks I feel that my hair looks a mess especially when I tie it up.

I donít get chance to go back home to London much due to work and children otherwise I would still go to my old hairdresser.

Can you please advise me what to actually ask for next time I go for my appointment?

I have even showed pictures in the past and I am still unhappy.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, xx

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This is always a difficult one as the hair changes over the years so what once was perfect would need to be adjusted anyway. I would suggest if you havenít done already contact your old hairdresser and ask for the brand of colour as well as the level and tone, what developer it was mixed with and the processing time. Colour products vary so much and quite often we hairdressers have our own way of mixing and processing so it would be helpful to be exact to what you previously had and may help you get the result you really want. Also get the formula and processing time for the highlights, then book a consultation at a new salon armed with all the details and go from there.

Good luck

Lakshay asks:
Hey,Iím from India. Iím 18 years old. My problem is that around 50% of my hair have turned grey. Initially I used to apply henna on my hair to cover grey hair. But now it has started to look weird. I feel very depressed each time I look into the mirror. My friends also make fun of my hair. Is it possible to turn my hair to black again. If not what should I do. I have tried different hairstyles but nothing worked in my favour. Please help

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Lakshay Iím so sorry that your hair is making you feel so unhappy. It is possible to colour the grey hair black very succesfully and easily. If you can get to a hair salon they will be able to do it for you, or you could buy a black 01 box colour from a local pharmacy or store and do it your self or get a friend to do it but uoi must follow the instructions carfeully. Good luck

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