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Rebecca asks:
Every 2 or 3 months I dye my hair, its always come out great i get my products from Sally Beauty Supply store, I get the same color every time (Medium Golden Mahogany Brown) but this time was a disaster, my hair was orange-ish Brown, much lighter than it should have been. I did the wrong thing, and i panicked. i went to my community pool after rinsing the dye and blow drying my hair and i went for a long swim, hoping the color would come out. well it did, but once i got home and washed, conditioned, and dried it, I noticed that the ends of my hair were.. well.. gummy and almost sticky, however no residue came off on my fingers, I assumed I didnít rinse well enough and still had shampoo or conditioner in my hair but, the same thing, still gummy and sticky. i blow dried and straightened my hair but I couldnít even get my fingers through my ends they just got stuck at the bottom inch and a half. i got very upset and ended up cutting off 2 inches from my hair. to my shock, the gummy-ness was still on the ends and only the ends. i trimmed again. still there. I am at a loss of words. I usually have AMAZING hair I take great care of it. but I really must have messed up somewhere. If you could help me in any way please. I have tried everything to my knowledge. Maybe you could enlighten me.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
What a shame, I can only assume that perhaps you mixed it with a different developer hence why it went lighter or that its one of those mysteries that happens very occasionally in the hair world. There are some many other options such as the colour has part oxidized, a reaction to something on your hair already, a wrongly labeled tube of colour, incorrect mixing and or processing time the list is endless! Swimming straight away hasnít helped but the effects seem totally extreme. Are you taking any medication? My advise is to take a hair supplement use a treatment masque on the hair twice a week for a month then see how the hair feels before considering colouring again. Good luck.

Erin asks:
I have been dying my hair for about 5 years now and itís probably been every colour you can think of. At the moment my hair has been bleached numerous times in order to make it as light as possible so that I can create the dark/steel grey effect that is trending. I have used many different brands of grey/steel dye and my hair seems to throw it off after a couple of days wether itís permanent colour or not. I have asked many hairdressers advice on this and nothing has worked so far, whether my hair is rubbish or the advice is rubbish I donít know! If you have any advice you can offer it would be appreciated! Thanks

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Without seeing you and being able to do a strand test on your hair I can only guess that its super porous and so takes the colour then throws it off again within days. I would suggest a protein spay sometime also known as a porosity equalizer. This will help reduce the porosity of the hair hence help the colour last longer. Lots of professional salons stock various versions you can buy. You would use it before and during the colour application as well as every time you shampoo as an additional conditioner. Itís a spray in and leave in product. I do hope this is helpful.

Corinna, asks:
I am naturally the darkest ash blonde on the spectrum and I have underlying red and gold tones in my hair. I use 30 volume developer with the Wella lightest ash blonde colour to lighten my hair to the lightest ash blonde. I normally use lilac toner on my roots for 3-5 minutes to tone out the red/gold. It was starting to give my hair a purple hue so I decided to try a platinum toner and it turned my hair a white blonde (that I hate). I was thinking about trying to use a golden wheat or champagne toner to correct it. Which do you recommend?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
To add a warmer reflection and achieve a softer finish, I would recommend the golden wheat colour, as the champagne toner usually has a pinky tone.

(Quotes attributed to Sally Plain, Director and Franchisee Westrow Wetherby on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

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