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Magda asks:
My hair is straightened with Keratin, and a few days ago my hairdresser bleached my hair blonde and the result is devastating. My hair has gone thin and the ends look like they have been burnt, and it feels like plastic. I have complained and the hairdresser has offered to cut the ends and use an intensive Olaplex treatment. Will this help? Do you have any other advice on how I can get my hair back to normal?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
I can imagine the result is devastating! Bleach (pre-lightener) can cause so much damage to chemically treated hair as you should never mix chemicals on your hair. You will need to get the ends cut off, as the damage canít be repaired. You should also take the offer of Olaplex, however you will need a course of treatment, not just one, for it to be successful. You will then need to continue the restructure at home with Phase 3. Treat your hair with moisturising products, too.

(Answered by Danielle Hill on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

Faye perry asks:
Iíve currently got full head bleach highlights I want to go to all over dark ash blonde what colour can I use so my hair doesnít go green?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
I would always suggest re colouring on this level to be done at a salon. If the desired result is more than 2 shades darker than what you are currently and the salons not an option use a warm base, so something with a G or 3 on the end one shade lighter than you want to be. Apply it all over mixed with half water and half of the developer it comes with leave 20 mins before shampooing out and re drying. Then apply the desired shade the warm undertones you previously applied will act as a filler or pre pigment formula and prevent unwanted green or really cool base.

Kathleen asks:
Hi I have dark brown hair with my ends dyed purple/blue. Iím not really up for all the maintenance of my hair any more and one side is dark despite everything Iíve tried. To dye my hair back to my natural color or black would I have to bleach the ends of my hair? If I do would the ends of my hair be a more vibrant black? If I wanted a solid colour throughout my hair would I have to bleach all my hair? Thank you.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Kathleen

If you want an even colour all over and would rather bleach I would suggest doing either the natural dark brown you are or black but remeber you will still have to do the roots as the black grows out and reveals the natural colour. ...More >

Either way no bleaching is require apply the chosen colour neat ( before mixing with developer the the purple / blue ends, spray some protein leave in conditioner on the ends and leave for 15 mins. Then mix the rest of the colour and developer and apply all over and process according to the instructions.

You should then have an even colour that will fade much less on the previously lightened hair.

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