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Jakki asks:
I am a young at heart 61 year old with what was once naturally blonde hair, now white. I have had a variation on a bob for donkeyís years, reason being itís easy for me to manage and in the past looked really good.

Recently I started to experience hair loss so my once full looking bob is looking decidedly thinner, especially at the front sides. I do have very fine hair and donít really want to go short. Do I get rid of layers? I really donít know what to do and can never explain myself at the hairdressers. Can anyone tell me what I should be asking for at the salon, whether it be technique or style. HELP!!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Jakki

Sometimes just taking a specific hair supplement can make a difference so try that first, also try a volumising shampoo and a spray in leave in conditioner. Give your head a good massage to improve the blood supply to your scalp when youíre shampooing too. I would suggest growing the layers down a bit, and perhaps go an inch shorter all the way round. Hopefully a combination of all of the above you will see improvement within a month. Good luck

Miriam asks:
Hi my 5 year old daughter used to have a beautiful curly hair it always been thin but always looked very full until last week she asked me if she could have a blow dry and without realising the damage I was going do to her hair I used a flat iron and now her curls are very different than they used to be. Her full hair now looks thin even after a week of washing it and Iím afraid to cut it as she still have curls at the end the problem is more on the top and Iím afraid that if I trim her hair she will lose the few curls she still have at the end. Please tell me if there is something I could do to bring her amazing curls back because Iím worried that I ruined her curls for good.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Try not to panic, go and buy a curl enhancing shampoo and leave in conditioner. They usually state they have magnesium in them and should be available from high street stores as well as professional salons. ...More >

Shampoo her hair and then apply the leave in conditioner (normally a spray) comb her hair through with a wide tooth comb very gently and then just keep scrunching up her hair as it dries. I quite often suggest putting head upside down scrunching as tightly as possible, popping on a shower cap and leaving the hair to dry.

Hopefully it will restore her curls back to there former glory, try not to worry

Lacey asks:
Im getting married in 2 days I went to my usual hair dresser this morning, I had no doubts what so ever they usual do a great job.

Iím blonde with dark regrowth.

I got a full head if foils and she asked if I like it ashy or creamy I said I think creamy After toner I sat down and as she dried it, it turned out dark dark dark purple all over. I cried so she put me back a sink and stripped the purple now my hair is orange on top and grey on ends Its extremely dry now

What can I do?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Lacey

Iím so sorry that your having such a drama just a couple of days before your wedding! ...More >

So I suggest you ask her to reapply a blue based toner something on a level 10 or 11 mixed with 6% developer apply to the orange areas and comb through after about 10 mins the orange should be neutralized and be ready to rinse off.

You need a protein porosity equalizer sprayed on the rest of the hair and then a teaspoon of bleach power 20 mls of 3% developer and 20mls of warm water this needs to be applied to the ends of the hair again should only need to be 10 mins maximum 20 mins.

Then shampoo and a treatment masque applied with a plastic cap under heat for 20 mins, rinse out then apply a toner with 3% developer equal parts warm water I would suggest a natural or beige toner on level 10 or 11 again for only 10 mins. Rinse, shampoo then apply another treatment under heat with plastic cap for 20 mins.

That should restore you back to a creamy blonde in time for the big day and make your hair feel fabulous again.

Good luck and enjoy your special day x x

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