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Jemma asks:
About 2 years ago I had an allergic reaction to the same black hair dye I have been using for 5 years, I know it was the PPD it contained which caused my allergic reaction (ie face and head swelling up). I now have a good length of brown hair and would like to bleach it, the boxes of bleach I have looked at in the shops have no PPD as an ingredient, do you think I could use this if I wore a cap? Reducing contact with the scalp?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Even though the bleach does not contain para dyes it can still cause an allergic reaction. The box bleach that you find at a shop will not lift your hair very well as the level or peroxide is very low. Also you should never use powder bleach on the scalp anyway. May I suggest going to a salon getting a consultation and letting them give you a skin test with bleach to see if you have any type of reaction. The colour specialist may be able to give you some other alternatives such as hi lights using easi meche or foils.

Diana asks:
I have grown out my hair for about 2 years, and essentially it was perfect it was dark, long, perfectly healthy, and most importantly all one length. It is naturally curly, but I have become a master at getting it straight with an incredibly long, but effective method with rollers and a dryer. About 6 weeks ago, I went in for my last trim, and I asked for a little movement in my hair so it would be a little more textured and maybe not so boring..... and my long time stylist cut HUGE THICK layers in my hair! I have really short thick layers that are SO noticeable with my remaining long length. It looks like I have two different lengths of hair. One helmet and then my long under layers.... What should I do? How can I keep my length that I have wanted for so long and get rid of these layers? 6 weeks has done some improvement. But my longest layer is getting longer too, so the ratio kind of just stays .. Should I just keep on trimming it till both layers catch up with each other? Or can I leave it long????

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I would blend your short layers into the rest of your hair to get rid of the helmet look! Other than that it is a case of having patience and growing your layers. The other thing you could do is have your length cut to your longest layers and then wait for the shorter ones to catch up. The other alternative is to have some extensions put in to save you waiting for it to happen naturally!

Jen Page, Didsbury Jason

Ana asks:
I have frizzy curly hair, and I am not able to manage it. Even if I crunch it up with mousse, hair spray, and gel it still gets frizzy. I want to cut it in layers but I am afraid it will get even frizzier. What should I do about styling my hair?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Hi Ana

The best way to deal with this type of hair is to do absolutely nothing to it. Just use good moisturizing products and soft gels. I also have your hair type and I use RAZZAMATAZZ Jellee. It keeps my curls soft, shiny and defined. I never use a blow dryer or harsh styling products as this just makes my hair more dry and frizzy.

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